“Cheers exploded from the crowd the moment they stepped on-stage -- not even to perform, but to merely set up... and the audience never lost interest.”

"A tight prog band oozing with potential in the local Boston scene... we all felt their potent energy in studio, with some of our jaws rattling on the floor."

“New obsession alert for Helicopria - the band juxtaposes lofty melodies and an entrancingly soft lyrical quality with some pretty shred nasty guitars.”

“I've seen these guys perform! They are awesome!!! Great people too! All very humble. I look forward to their success.”

Devin J Morrison - Youtube User

“AAAHH! I'm so frustrated that you guys don't have like fifty new songs up every minute - Disco Chase, Swings, and Paragon are all amazing! Give us more, man! Seriously, this is my new favorite band.”

“Love the accuracy and melody, all your levels and tones sound fantastic, spot on absolutely!!”

“One word for your band. Awesome.”

“Another band you guys should check out is Helicopria... you will seriously be missing out on some amazing music if you don’t check them out.”