Helevorn / Press

“Four years later, Helevorn finally return to grace us with their newest offering, Compassion Forlorn, an album that bleeds brooding emotion from the innermost parts of the heart. It takes us deeper into internal turmoil than even their previous effort did, yet with a warmth as strong as a blazing red sunrise that shines through a window into the eyes of a man on his knees at the moment he begs to be taken away.”

"Hopefully, Compassion Forlorn will finally break Helevorn into more of the spotlight, as they’ve paid their dues. This is masterful doom/death."

"Disco indispensable para cualquier fan del doom/death, donde el buen hacer de toda la banda ha fraguado una obra que va a hacer que cualquiera con un mínimo de sentimientos se sobrecoja al escucharlo."

“Death Doom hat ja mitunter einen schweren Stand, vor allem hier in Österreich. Dem klassischen Death Metaller zu wenig resch und zu behäbig, dem True Doomer zu viel Gegrowle. Und doch tummeln sich in gerade diesem Genre etliche Perlen mit aussagekräftigem Songwriting und der Aura des Großartigen.”

“With lot of excitement we are proud to announce that on September 22nd we will release our new album, “Compassion Forlorn”. It will be under license of the label Solitude Productions / BadMoodMan, who released our previous album, “Forthcoming Displeasures,” as well. We will be putting out new info about the new CD soon, so stay tuned! You can follow us on Twitter (@helevornband)!”

“Helevorn has just signed for WTFuctory, a brand new management, promotion and booking agency!. New proyects with new people!.”

“October Falls Festival, probably Helevorn's last show promoting "Forthcoming Displeasures" album. It will be in Madrid the 6th of October, sharing stage with Evadne (presenting their new album "The Shortest Way") and Tears of Martyr. You'll find more info at our FaceBook.”

“Finally, "Forthcoming Displeasures" has obtained the 2nd position of METAL STORM AWARDS nominated as THE BEST DOOM METAL ALBUM OF 2010!”

“Helevorn will be performing at WAVE-GOTIK-TREFFEN in Leipzig (GER) next June with bands like Anathema, Lacrimas Profundere, Fields of the Nephilim and many more. "One of the most important Dark-Gothic Meeting in the world"!”

"Forthcoming Displeasures" has been nominated as BEST DOOM METAL ALBUM OF 2010 at Metal Storm.net, one of the most important metal sites in the world, help us with your vote. So, VOTE NOW! (You must be registered member) Thank you all for your great support!

“At this present time "Forthcoming Displeasures" is the 12th Best Metal Album of 2010 for the users of Metal Storm.net, yeah!! ”

““…VERY good album... Gothic doom metal fans or anyone hunting a romantically suicidal album will have found their mark. May these doomsters keep on making the world a better place of melancholy!” Metal Forge (AUS)”

“A Doom band in the gothic direction, they have become a lot more darker and heavier over the years...”

“Here is Helevorn, a spanish band that practices a very well built Gothic Doom. Metalship likes to give voice to actors from the underground, so Josep (vocals) in person will tell you about Forthcoming Displeasures his new baby!”

“Interview at Lords of Metal!”