"The creamy-voiced Hudson's second solo album features 10 splendidly literate songs, all hers. She obviously takes her music personally and that makes it all the more entertaining."

"Hudson has songwriting ability like vintage Kristofferson."

"Helen Hudson is very rare. She is an achiever, a dreamer, a doer. Yet, unlike many performers, she hasn't achieved at the expense of feeling."

"Helen Hudson is an affecting performer who sings expressively and writes intelligently."

"Helen Hudson is a gifted, shining talent. Her voice and music are pure joy."

"Her audience contact is immediately endearing. She's enough personality that Hudson could make an impression strictly as a talker. As it happens, she's also a terrifically, talented composer and singer."

"In performance as in life, Hudson exhibits more than a touch of Alice in Wonderland optimism, but her impishness if often tinged with a bittersweet, wry irony. She can bounce onto the stage in loose-limbed abandon, then step back into a subdued interpretation. She can belt out a song without sounding brassy, she can be cute without being cloying, she can sound feathery and wistful without getting light-weight and she can be sad without being maudlin."