“Bradford, 16, Ryo, 14, and Falcon, 12 — mill the set they all built, a bar and a wall and a video screen. Richard Heene is the author and director of American Chilly, a "rockestra" musical performed by the Heene Boyz, billed as the "world's youngest heavy metal band." It premieres Wednesday at the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg. ...the kids are capable musicians. It (Falcon's voice) is a haunting wail, bell clear and with an unforced vibrato.”

Andrew Meacham - Tampa Bay Times

“The drums sit in front of a backward piece of linoleum that acts as a green screen for music videos. Bradford doesn't let a little wound stop him from riffing on his guitar, and Falcon looks little like the "Balloon Boy" of the past and everything like a smooth, energetic lead metal vocalist, throwing all his energy (and his long hair) into each lyric.”

“These kids can rock and are especially tight..Several have seen the Heene Boyz before, though. "Man, I saw you kids in Gainesville," says a profusely sweating man with a red mullet and a Black Flag T-shirt. "Kick-ass motherf!?king show!"...By the time Falcon screams out the opening "WEL-come to the CROSS-roads of time and space!" the crowd at stage 15 has swelled to more than 200. Halfway through the set, Falcon descends the stage to rock out among them—bumping fists and exchanging devil horns, then exhorting a metalhead in his mid-fifties...”

Ivan Solotaroff - Details Magazine

“The family, who had appeared on two episodes of Wife Swap… and would later appear on CNN and Today, have now moved across the country to pursue a heavy metal career for their three young boys.”

Sophie Schillaci - Hollywood Reporter

“The Heene Boyz's live set is a well-rehearsed feat of metal-god pageantry: ”

Camille Dodero - Gawker

"The Heene Boyz music is certainly heavy, both in sound and themes as the video below for 'Chasing Tornadoes' and 'Again' clearly show."

David McCormack - Mail Online, UK

“…..there’s a genuine touch of Bruce Dickinson’s wail in young Falcon’s pipes.”

Staff Writer - Tampa Bay Soundcheck - Artist of the day

" 'American Chili': the band’s signature number, this 8-minute.... shows off Falcon’s mini-Ozzie flare."

Samantha Martin - Pod Dust

“The group, which formed two years ago, spent the last year and a half trekking across Florida. This summer, the Heene Boyz are spreading their sounds throughout America to promote their new EP "American Chili."”

Maria Pianelli - Staten Island Advance

“When it's time for the guitar solo, Bradford nails it one-handed, Eddie Van Halen style. Falcon plucks bass strings with his teeth. When finished, they grin, make devil horns, and do handstands.”

Deirdra Funcheon - Broward Palm Beach New Times

“...you definitely gotta check that shit out. But first, read our exclusive interview with the band to find out more about their music...”

Jay Stephens - The Village Voice

“For more on the making of the next generation’s Slayer, read their extensive profile in New Times Broward-Palm Beach, ….”

Chris Coplan - Consequence of Sound

"Falcon Heene Will Rock NYC With His Metal Band .... they can work a crowd and they've got some real energy!"

Jen Carlson - Gothamist

“…is, frankly, not bad for a band with the average age of 10 years old. ........ To be honest: there’s some promise there. ”

Ned Hepburn - Death and Taxes

“Spring Hill - You may not find the likes of Black Sabbath or Metallica on the top 10 list of your child’s iPod these days, but one Spring Hill trio are betting their future on the hard pounding style of music.”

“….it’s totally metal.”

Dusten Carlson - The Inquisitr

“If you made a list of professional musical groups comprised of brothers, you’d come up with names such as the Jackson 5, the Bee Gees, Sly and the Family Stone, the Beach Boys, Van Halen, AC/DC, the Isley Brothers and Hanson to name a few. These are siblings who discovered early on that together they had a natural affinity for making their own kind of music. Spring Hill musicians Bradford Heene, 13, Ryo Heene, 12, and Falcon Heene, 10, aspire to become part of that list, someday. The three brothers make up the band, The Heene Boyz.”

Fred Bellet - Hernando Today

“Our goals are to play forever… (and to) tour with Metallica,” said Brad.”