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“And now for the Big Time words. Hector Ward and The Big Time. WTF. Although I have actually hung out with Hector on several occasions at a few different bars.... this was, shamefully, the first time I got the Big Time experience. But what an experience it was. I sat and watched as Hector pretty much played the guitar without a pick. Just hand strumming the shit outta that guitar. Damn fine sound. And what a great voice. He was backed with a killer horn section, and spot on rhythm section, his rock/Latin fusion sound carried through your earholes, into your brain, and made your ass and feet move. It was great music, performed with smiles on stage. A vibe you could appreciate. This isn't a back ground musical performance from a band that is playing while you have cocktails with friends. Hector Ward and the Big Time demands your attention. The stories he tells in his music is worth every ounce of of your attention. Best of all, just get up and dance.”

“I GET TO LISTEN TO LOTS OF new recordings each month, and I must say that Smile Into Life from Austin-based Blues-Funk Rocker, Hector Ward and his eight-piece Big Time band, is one of the most dynamic I’ve heard all year. From start to finish, it’s solid with not one track that I wanted to skip. “Life and Livin’” kicks off the album in such a high-spirited way that you know you are in for a treat. I was reminded of the seventies band, Chicago, with the horn arrangements and rock guitars. Singing the white boy blues,“Taking Lightnin’ Home,” features Hunter St. Marie on lead guitar. One thing that makes this song stand out is the uncommon tempo changes. “Whiskey Pants” is a song of rebellion. “You can kiss my whiskey drinking ass… I loved everything about this energetic album, from beginning to end. A band this tight and this good won’t fly under the radar for long.”

“When a band’s not only comfortable opening for Eric Burdon & The Animals, but also The Zombies, Christopher Cross, Gary Clark Jr., Ian McLagan and many, many more…they’ve gotta appeal to a lot of different tastes. Whether those tastes are for rock & roll, blues, country, funk, soul, or Latin, Austin octet Hector Ward & The Big Time channels a little bit of everything with expert precision. And after two decades of local musicianship, the eponymous frontman’s Afro-Cuban roots still manage to burst through The Big Time with exciting horn lines, guitar riffs that’ll make you sweat and Ward’s vocals roaring front and center. Last week Hector Ward & The Big Time dropped their LP, Smile Into Life, and you can catch them tomorrow night at One-2-One Bar. But before you do, loosen up your legs and celebrate Thirsty Thursday with one of Smile Into Life‘s boldest offerings, “Whiskey Pants”!”

“Funk, soul, blues, country, rock & roll and more work their way into the Big Time’s big-tent approach that features guitarist and lead singer Ward out front. “Smile Into Life” follows two previous studio albums plus a live album and features a core band of bassist Scott Beardsley, drummer Mike McGurk, trombonist Ben Taylor and backing vocalist Cari Hutson. Many more local musicians flesh out the group’s powerhouse sound, most notably a lively horn section”

“New releases from A to Z, from Hasty Page to Hector Ward & The Big Time, and many in-between”

“PREMIERE: Hector Ward & The Big Time Releases New Music Video For ‘Life & Livin’”

“Saxon stalwart Hector Ward beats the odds”

“Happy to say that Hector Ward & The Bigtime's song 'This World' was chosen from hundreds by Renaissance Artists and Writers Association to be on their 2018 Songs For Social Change compilation CD, which will be distributed to radio stations worldwide.”

“beloved musicians such as local luminaries Bob Schneider, Patrice Pike, Guy Forsyth, Joe Ely, Hector Ward, Carolyn Wonderland, The Resentments, Johnny Nicholas, W.C. Clark, Robynn Shayne and others, turn to face the music until they learn their fate might not be sealed after all.”

“Engaging with funky, rocking instrumentals met by blues inspired vocals that would make for a stellar live performance”

“Music is love - Hector Ward & The Bigtime live filming.”

“Hector Ward & The Bigtime Scorches Thru 22 Kick-Ass Tracks...expressive and soulful.”

“Hector Ward has proved to be a formidable band leader”

“Damn, I am sold. This stuff is excellent, and I’d bet Hector Ward and the Big Time are utterly mind-blowing live.”

“Austin’s “8-piece Latin Grooves Funk Orchestra” brings the brass”

"At first blush he’s another soul shouter in the vein of Nakia and T Bird, but Ward and his Big Time horns delved into ska, surf, Latin, funk and country with startling command. Now I need to see them again to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. A band this good won’t continue under the radar much longer”

“Endeared to audiences worldwide,...”

“Fifteen consecutive weeks on KTRU 96.1 FM Houston's Top 35 Albums and our live album, "Evolution - Live at the Saxon Pub" is currently # 6 in the good company of Nick Cave and A Tribe Called Quest...”

“Trailer "Nothing Stays The Same" The Story of The Saxon Pub Documentary Coming SXSW 2019”

“My Favorite Local Licks of 2016”

“Top 20 Radio Hits #5 -proud to present our new Top Twenty Artist Spotlight chosen from thousands of submissions”

“Have An Ass Shaking Good Time”

“All ATX: The British Invasion @ ACL Hector Ward and the Bigtime @ min 29:01”

“Harold F. Eggers Jr. played Bob Johnston a recording of Hector and he said "I want to produce that boy, he's got it." Hector Ward and the Big Time's album Evolution: Live at the Saxon Pub was produced by legendary producer Bob Johnston, and Hector Ward. Bob Johnston, a producer at Columbia Records who worked on legendary LPs like Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde, Johnny Cash's At Folsom Prison and Simon & Garfunkel's Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.”

“of BowiElvis Fest...Every act brought their A game! I can't pick a favorite, but I can tell you I'm not going to miss Hector Ward next time he comes to Houston, and neither should you!”

“It's impossible not to like this tune. A must have CD and every time worth a visit live!”

“This song “Brown Liquor” is awesome! Check out the interview we had with HWBT and make sure to check out the video in our video section.”

“Music Monday KEYE TV Austin”

“Ward’s reggae-infused “Simplify” and McGurk’s “Whiskey Pants” delighted audience members, who also helped to sing the refrain for “Taking Lightening Home,” which Ward co-wrote about blues singer Sam John “Lightnin’” Hopkins. He also performed “Ghost Story,” a song about an infamous politician who wanders the prairie searching for a stolen whiskey bottle.”

“KTRU 96.1 FM Houston 2016 Interview - (click link)”

““Hector Ward & the Big Time sounds like LLB singer/bassist JoJo Garza fronting Tule or Grupo on Freightline Funk, nine pieces busting out raunchy horn-rimmed roots 'n' ska as in the hopped-up "Azucar." Does Willie Nelson know his single malt whiskey flows south of the border on Ward's "Gypsy River"?””

“The setting is springtime at Shultz Biergarten in downtown Austin at the annual Jam 4 Justice Fundraiser. What an afternoon of incredible music from the likes of the unstoppable Hector Ward and his Big Time band. This amazing young man wheeled himself onstage with such confidence and finesse reflecting in a broad sense how he had overcome his physical misfortune. I had no idea of what to expect and was open to whatever was delivered. I should have known with his new CD entitled, “Freightline Funk” that a good time was coming! His delivery was soul shaking and I was really glad to have my dancing shoes on! Hector’s performance was a mix of voodoo surf, Jerry Garcia and a shake of Reggae. He mixes this sound together with an array of horns and dirty guitar licks. Nothing was left wanting in my desire to hear some fabulous new tunes while benefiting the many good causes that our musicians donate their time and energy towards. Austin is the only place to have these ty”


“Of Hector Ward and the Big Time's 2011 South by Southwest showcase, the Austin Chronicle wrote, "Being wheelchair-bound doesn't hinder Hector Ward from leading one of the most dynamic new bands in Austin's musical universe. With his huge growl and a nine-piece horn-fueled ensemble, the Big Time utterly attacks an assortment of styles, from Southern soul to Latin pop."”