Hectic Hobo / Press

"This band has such a deep culture and performs with so much life. They are ruggedly talented musicians, and it seems as if there isn't an instrument they cannot play."

Paris Gibson - PeopleWater

"Hectic Hobo makes you feel like you've been at a Devotchka concert on an Irish pirate ship. And you will do anything to keep from getting back to port."

Theo McNamatar - The Regal Seagull

“The only thing that can top their performance on this album is seeing them live in all of their drunken, surging splendor.”

"Utah’s beloved band Hectic Hobo [is] a Wild West Gypsy Rock extravaganza."

Odell Brewing Co. - Odell Brewing Co.

“[The Album] We Lost Our Legs would be a perfect soundtrack to knapsack-toting, train-hopping, grime-collecting adventures.”