"...At its very soul, this is an album of acid-scorched psychedelia barreling straight out of the 1960s...But HWE takes these psychedelic roots and gnarls them into something much darker and, for lack of a better word, heavier. The bass lines are mesmeric and gritty, repetitive, and explorative. The drums don't attract much attention, but they do provide some much-needed funk to round out the psych schema. You have to listen closely, but the stick work ultimately gives the band its adaptability as it swings from Tullian metal to electric freakout and beyond. The vocals are all about power: the female parts are haunting and melancholy, and the male parts drift and hang on the wind like hawks. The ability to coalesce so many obscure and wonderful influences into such a cohesive mixture requires a level of geek cred that borders on inhuman."