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Heavy Sigma / Press

“Punk mojo with a positive message. Whodathunk it? Well done dood! (commenting on "So Great" by Heavy Sigma)”

Mark Wilson - Soundclick Critics Corner

“You are unique and that's good. Keep trying you can only get better. There's room for every genre of music. No one genre is better than the others. I think you could make this unique genre but try to consider making your backing track ( chord progression) more connected to your melody or the opposite. I suggest reading : How Music Really Works by Wayne Chase You'll find it on the internet I read a good part of it and experimented some of the things it covers when I came back to music after I had quit for 30 years +. For the genre of music I'm favoring it helped me and it might help you with your own genre of music. It dont mean you have to follow a given formula but knowing about some basic things help.”

Densyl - Soundclick Critics Corner

“I am quite familiar with the music of Patrick Lew (Riot 92 and various other names) and I welcome him back to the showcase. I find it amusing to get the take of others who are not familiar with his brand of ‘disconnected’ music. It is true that each element in his music is never aligned with another … it is almost amazing that he can do it (try it yourself and you will fail). But this is Patrick and his approach is purely straight ahead pouring out his feelings while pouring out his instrumental segments which are from some other part of his consciousness. Strange that it works for me because I just concentrate on his message which is here one of contentment. I don’t know that you can listen to Patrick for pleasure, but he will always let you know how he feels which is often a good purpose for anyone’s music. ”

Larry Ludwick - Soundclick Critics Corner

“Punk is still alive ! There's something youthful and energetic about it that I've got to admire, but I've probably grown out of it myself, having discovered major sevenths and other stuff. Nice lyrics with a kicking tune. Kids having fun .... that's how rock'n'roll was born. (commenting on "So Great" by Riot 92)”

Tim - Soundclick Critics Corner

“Compared to older tracks by Patrick, and you can't really compare him to anyone but himself, this is a shade or two more sophisticated, especially the drums. On the surface it sounds like angry protest music but the lyrics are quite the opposite. For some reason the term Surf Metal comes to mind. As far as the general sound goes I'd say it was phat enough.”

Ralph Atkinson - Soundclick Critics Corner

“Riot 92 - So Great (Demo) More tight and confident than some of the entries last year by Patrick Lew, but still with a raw punk attitude. Some of the words are hard to understand, but the message comes through strong.”

Bill - Soundclick Critics Corner

“A midi take on the Full House Theme which had me running to YouTube for comparison. I was not a big fan of the show, but I was surprised how little I remembered of the theme. This does capture the essence of the Theme which is actually much better in my opinion than trying to duplicate it too closely. Kind of fun to be pulled back to the years of big hair.”

“well, it's there, it's accurate as far as the song goes, but I'm always at a loss on how to comment on remixes because it's a production thing and I don't know the 'remix' process. But…it sounds good overall, but you might try raising the bassline up an octave or maybe add a bass line an octave higher. some of those growly ones are too deep to hear on smaller speakers.”

“A very different take on a show theme song; it’s good to see Patrick return.”

“haters are going to hate, people are going to say shit. fuck them. don't let them get to you. be this man. continue making more music. be the musician you know you can be. do it for you. if you need/want to, do it for fans too. who gives a fuck if people talk? they are jealous of your creativity. i love you man. thanks for being a friend and brother. i have a life so do you. let's continue this road trip.”

David Arceo (Best Friend) - Letters from the Office of Patrick Lew

“Patrick Lew is the coolest rockstar I know, he's the fucking most rad Japanese/Taiwanese person ever and I'm glad he's my brother. If you don't like his bands than you're just a dumb lil cat lackin glands. HE RAWKS!! much love.”

Joe Chiodo - Fan Messages via Facebook

“You guys are really cool!”

Monica Dupont (Blues Musician) - ReverbNation.com Fan Messages

“I'm really happy you and Faith are together ^.^ You guys are really cute together, no matter what happens, you two can face all the difficulties that come together.. and fight through it all :) You always say you don't feel appreciated, but I'm sure people really appreciate your music ^.^ So don't ever have negative thoughts my friend life is hard, but you can get through it. Rock on xDD”

“Hi Patrick, Been checking out Heavy Sigma! Here's what I think, being your board is disabled. I think you have been practicing, your guitar sound has gotten bigger and tighter. The overall vibe I get, is of a real, in your face, punk aesthetic, reminiscent of the mid-eighties to early nineties. The drums are really good too, and the recordings are great. The drums sound miked really well. I think you are on the verge something really great here, and am looking forward to hearing what comes next.”

“Hey Patrick! Props for doing what you do and not ignoring your dream. I'm still trying to figure it all out on my end as I'm pretty new to being an artist and am terrified half the time. It can be quit an adventure at times with all the highs and lows that come with carving out a path as an artist. All the best to you, Olivia”

Olivia Cheng (Asian Canadian Actress) - Motivational Email

“Patrick is a great believer in free music, free thought and his music reflects that so it's best not to expect too much in the way of conventional structure or any of the rigors of 'normal' music standards.”

“Unlike many musicians who try to play within the boundaries and fail, Patrick does not care for or recognize the boundaries. I am serious. It is like a different kind of music. I will not listen on my own because I am so bound melodically. But I swear when it comes time to hear a tune by Patrick in our CC contest or as in this review, I have an odd tingly feeling like you get when you realize the unexpected is happening.”

Larry Ludwick - Larry's Indie Music Reviews (www.soundclick.com)

“Truth is: You make better music than most famous artists now.”

“Truth is you and faith are really the cutest couple ever ^_^ Truth is your really dedicated to your music, I think that hard work you put into to it will be worth it :) so don't ever give up on your dream!”

“Starting out by aimlessly jamming in his own bedroom with then-limited experience and education in playing music, creating his own brand of Garage Punk. He recorded his first demo tape in 1999 with a schoolmate named Tommy, and in May 2001, Patrick Lew began promoting his music on the Internet as a solo rock musician or in his freelance garage bands. Unlike most of his contemporaries in San Francisco, his sidemen band were interracial and inter-gender. Alongside, displaying more 80's and early 90's hard rock and Seattle grunge inspirations fused with contemporary punk. Lew also adopted a part Mod, part Hippie, and trendy Asian pop culture image. But later replaced it with more a casual mature look. He devoted more time to other extracurricular side projects, such as The P & G. And because of consistent expansion through the social-media, Lew finally receive slight recognition for his efforts and earned some online fame as a musician. He is consistently improving as a musician...”

Kevin Boyle - Custom Soundclick EPK's

““27 year old Patrick Lew is a Punk and Indie Rock underground internet musician who's music and style is unique and 100% his own. He is an Asian-American born male brought up in the Bay Area of Northern California. And while is musical talent is different from anything anyone has ever heard, it is interestingly unconventional yet gifted. He has been a songwriter and guitarist since his early teens and has developed his own empowering sense of electrifying and dynamic style. While it is true he has played rhythm guitar and bass in several bands with old friends and acquaintances, Patrick has that found his muse is better suited for solo career opportunity rather than bandmate material. Patrick does have an interesting marriage and personal relationship with his wife, Faith Lew. They have been together currently for 5 years. A few interesting yet not surprising musical influences of his are The Beatles, Silverchair, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, Green Day, Poison, Pearl Jam.””

““I initially subscribed because of your Junko Furuta video, then I looked at some of your other videos, and you're extremely talented. I'm surprised you don't have more subscribers.””

““You are just awesome!””

““Hey Patrick! Props for doing what you do and not ignoring your dream. I'm still trying to figure it all out on my end as I'm pretty new to being an artist and am terrified half the time. It can be quit an adventure at times with all the highs and lows that come with carving out a path as an artist. All the best to you, Olivia””

Olivia Cheng (Chinese Canadian Actress) - Email

““I came across some of your music on one of my playlist over on ReverbNation. I like the raw punk sound.””

Anti Nonsense Networking - Personal Critiques (via Facebook)