“You guys [HEAVY HONEY] have the "it"" Factor I fully expect to hear that song [FALLING] on rock Radio at some point soon- very gifted at writing, not only great rock but great rock with hooks.”

David Green - World Drummer

“You are quite the entertainer London. Love your sense of humor and the way you interact with an audience”

Rick Duarte - Emerge Showcase, The Palms Las Vegas

"London and I have shared the same stage at one time. Great guy and has always been very gracious. I did give Heavy Honey a listen and you guys sound great London. Keep Rockin"

~Frank DiMino (Lead Singer for Angel)

"It is the best song [ Soul Selling ] I have heard in years"

Anna Salas - 2H Royal Family

"Check out the new video from Heavy Honey!! Powerful and well made. On every occasion that i have photographed the band, they blow the house down and continue to grow and impress on every level!"

Brian Lucey - Brian Lucey - Photographer

"Not only an amazing piece of music, but one hell of a well made video. I see nothing but success with this and all your future projects. You and Reagan are naturals on film. Will do what i can to help spread the word on this one. Heavy Honey is on their way!"

Brian Lucey - Brian Lucey - Photographer

“I don't think I've seen a front man as charismatic [London Mace] since I've started shooting the local scene.”

Justin Koteff Red Flame Photo - VRM

“Awesome! Crushing live band!”

Ari Shine - review

"Heavy Honey sounds like Zakk Wylde started a Led Zeppelin cover band and ended up sounding like Guns N Roses playing brand new Black Sabbath songs."

~Tannhauser Gates Heavy Honey Manager - Public opinion

“Heavy Honey is f*cking genius! They're so dark and sexy! I love, seriously love this band!”

Spider Dixon - Band Review

"The worst band since Guns N Roses!"

Simon Cowel - Reveiw