heavy chase / Press

"Lead singer, Micah Rigdon’s voice is distinctly addictive. The title track off the EP, “Spinning in Circles,” showcases his sultry voice as he sings with intense emotion and impressive range. Followed by other tracks on the EP such as “X’s and O’s” and “Stealing All The Color,” it is impossible to not get caught up by the unmistakable energy of their music. It is easy to see (and hear) why the band fought hard to gain the Elwood brothers in their lineup. Sean and Tom are able to skillfully and intuitively play off each other as well as fellow band members to create a sound that cannot be mimicked or replicated by anyone else."

"Musically, the band is faultless, distinguished by the quarreling guitars of Jason Sadler and Jared McKinney and featuring the outstanding vocal skills of Michael James Rigdon, who also writes lyrics. Lexington expatriates Sean and Tom Elwood, on drums and bass respectively, keep things in the groove. The playing is exceptional throughout."

"Micah Rigdon’s vocals are strong and heart-filled, plus I love all the hidden nuances in his voice. He blends seamlessly with Jason Sadler and Jared McKinney’s skillful guitars. These guys play guitar off each other so well and interweave with timing and precision that will blow you away. And Tom Elwood on bass and his brother Sean Elwood on drums have seemingly spent their lives forming such a bond. Together they generate the progressive grooves and rhythms that drive Heavy Chase’s music."

"What Rigdon does best is compliment the brilliant guitar work of Jared McKinney and Jason Sadler, who manage to fill every intro and post-chorus with melodies both intricate and catchy.""...but the effort put behind them from Rigdon (as well as bitchin-good production) makes it radio-ready at an impressively early stage for this band."