Heavy-3 / Press

“Buried deep within each of us is a spark of greatness. Let us share The Spark. Here is an opportunity to have a deep look into our music and us as individuals. Heavy-3 is a group/band of two male musicians...they do alternative types of music e.g. R&B/Soul, Hip-hop & House...the reasons 4 the name HEAVY-3 is that they believe GOD helps them with everything they do..so to put it short...GOD is the third member of Heavy-3 making it more heavier...and they have worked with the likes of AbetBeats(the producer), Smash(the beat maker), Small, DeeProductions and some other P.S.C artists!!!! They believe in the Law of 3s. EVERYTHING THAT COMES IN 3s IS PERFECT OR COMPLETE. And their undying love for Music was so profound they had to leave everything behind and focus on it. The 3 Elements: * Talent * Love * Perseverance Their sound speaks for itself.”