Heaven and Earth / Press

““I can’t say enough about this band. Their sole mission is to save rock music. I love the Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire etc as much as anybody, but I miss the virtuoso’s. Heaven & Earth is lead by guitarist Stuart Smith, but the band is made up of ridiculous talent. The lead singer sounds like a combination of Paul Rodgers and Chris Cornell...yeah that good.””

““Dig...is filled to the brim with power rock — arena-sized and loud — exactly what the doctor ordered for fans who miss both the hard rock heyday of the ’80s and the keyboard-induced rock of the ’70s.””

““The new Heaven And Earth release, Dig...is a future classic that will influence the bands of the future. With its heavy guitar driven sound and thick Hammond organ, Dig is a masterpiece.””

““A new era has begun, folks. Or, should I say an old era has resurfaced. That old era had bands like Deep Purple and Rainbow laying the foundation, this new era has a fresh new face building a solid rock fortress upon that foundation. It’s Heaven & Earth.””

““If you’re a fan of classic rock, and you’re looking for a new band to get excited about, look no further than the melodic rock quintet - Heaven & Earth...This [Dig] 12 track, epic retro-rock masterpiece is an uncompromising throw back to the vintage sounds of the 1980’s versions of Rainbow and Bad Company, in sound, style and musicianship...Every song can stand on its own and sadly, that’s really not very common nowadays.”

““Heaven & Earth re-instill the music industry with timeless tracks off of their upcoming album, ‘Dig’...‘Dig’ resurrects the era by emphasizing the instrumental and lyrical diversity of classic rock. To be categorized as an artist of this genre doesn’t mean only playing one similar rock song after another. Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton dabbled in a wide spectrum of musical categories, but let rock n’ roll be the glue to an album. In 2013, Heaven & Earth have brought this technique back into the limelight with ‘Dig’.””

““...it has been quite some time anyone has heard a solid album’s worth of this particular style of music — majestic, triumphant, straight forward rock, without any of today's assembly line, paint-by-  numbers blandness...Dig offers up 12 compositions, that will...satisfy...fans of solid musicianship, excellent songwriting skills, and music that stands above whatever is being passed off as rock music today...Retti's vocals are dynamic, and strong, an excellent choice to deliver these songs. He sings with confident conviction, a trait necessary for this style of hard rocking, but always melodic, rock and roll...Music of this caliber deserves to be heard.””

““Tapping into the methodology and madness of old-school rock with a new-school attitude, Heaven & Earth are shaking their classic rock roots down to the very core on their newest effort, Dig...””

"The songs are utterly amazing with incredible vocals and hooks that lodge themselves on the brain and refuse to leave for days."

““Dig is Heaven & Earth’s effort to resurrect the classic rock genre of music. Have they been successful in their mission? Very much so. Dig is an album that fits in with ease in the modern age of music, and fuses tradition with innovation in a manner that is sure to get any rock fan’s senses tingling. In A Word: Robust””

“HEAVEN & EARTH Exclusively Premiere Video For “I Dont Know What Love Is” On Guitarplayer.com And Melodicrock.com; Second Single From ‘Dig’”