Heather Stanley / Press

““Heather Stanley Is Not Your Average Everyday Girl. She's real and not afraid to say things that others try to hide....a very refreshing element in today's Christian music scene. "”

“About the song "Good Girl" "The hook has a kind of anthem feel to it for all the "good girls". The lyric drives the hook home nice and pulls the listener into the good girl world and vibe. I like the rhythm. The verse melody is pretty. The prechorus has a nice build. The chorus melody has a catchy feel to it. The vocal effect on the verse after the 2nd chorus is a nice touch. Heather, I like this song. It has a unique hook at a time when "good girls" may need a calling out to. The melody is strong with an infectious feel in the chorus. I'm recommending this song to the panel that will select which songs go to the publisher's luncheon."”

NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Associations International)

“About the song "Material Things": "The melody is unique and haunting Heather. The production is nice. The bridge has good melodic contrast to the other sections. good job. Heather, the melody and production feel hypnotic. The lyric gets the message across with visuals and rhyme. I'm recommending this one Heather. It will need to also go through another final panel and if it makes it will go on to the publisher's luncheon."”

NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International)