Heather Pierson / Press

“Heather Pierson is an amazing talent. Her gorgeous, rich vocals are filled with soul. She can mesmerize you on the piano, the guitar - even the melodica. She's as comfortable and adept with bluegrass as she is with jazz. With Heather, there is absolutely nothing not to like. Don't you dare miss an opportunity to hear her live or to purchase her recordings.”

Al Kniola - 88.1 WVPE Public Radio

“She's a great instrumentalist, but also a fantastic singer and songwriter. And she's one of the sweetest, nicest people you'd ever want to meet.”

John R. Butler - singer/songwriter and performer

“We were delighted to feature Heather Pierson at the second annual Listening Room Festival. The depth and delivery of her material captured many new hearts on the big stage and in the small living rooms.”

Fran Snyder, founder - ConcertsInYourHome.com

“Great things often come in small packages. Heather Pierson, an accomplished musician, performer and songwriter is a prime example! At times, her voice is gentle, wise and earthy. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, she belts out a soulful, passionate song that simply WOWS! If you have not yet discovered the joyful sounds of Heather Pierson, you simply MUST check her out! You will thank me later!”

Joltin Joe, The Mad Scientist - Radio Nowhere, WMSC FM

“I first saw Heather perform at NERFA in 2012. It didn’t take me long to decide I needed to book her at both my venues. She writes great songs and is very professional. She’s the real deal.”

Rich Mosley - Off The Common Coffeehouse

“Always the consummate professional… All a listener can ask from a performance is to be uplifted, taken on a journey, and safely returned home, and Heather Pierson delivers.”

Jonathan Sarty | singer/songwriter | producer/host - Cold River Radio Show

“Warm and engaging from start to finish, Heather Pierson’s musical voice is fresh, original, and a delight to behold. Very highly recommended!”

“Heather captivated our audience with beautiful vocals and keyboard work, across a wide variety of genres including blues and jazz… Heather and Shawn are pros at what they do… Highly recommended.”

Lee Herman - Windy City House Concerts

“Whether its folk, bluegrass or Dave Brubeck jazz, Heather Pierson always puts on an impeccable show.”

Mark L. Smith - Crab Donkey Showcases

"There's a real pureness to her voice as she leads us through intimate corners of her experiences and tells stories with a Joni Mitchell kind of edge... Her hands float on and above the piano keys with the ease of a longtime player; it's as if it's as second nature as breathing."

“Heather is a real triple threat, with great vocals, outstanding instrumental prowess, and stellar songwriting.”

Don Baker, Coordinator - Mountain Spirit Coffeehouse