Heather Mere / Press

“SCARRED FROM WITHIN (NOW RECORDING): Obviously, the great voice and good production are what first captures you, but it's the message, the lyrics that really stand out to me. They show your depth. You are a great storyteller and that is a hard thing to do in a 3 to 4 minute song. I love songs that put me in the situation, whether it be something I've experienced myself, or just in imagination. Be it the most terrifying situations or the greatest. I wish you the best of luck in all you do. Grim SFW”

SCARRED FROM WITHIN - Reverbnation Comments

“WOW.... All I can say is wow. Great stuff. Very powerful lyrics and the music to pull it all together. Every song brings you on a ride.”

Driving Under Insanity (D.U.I.) - RN

“What a strong powerful vocal presence that the music compliments! Raped an awesome piece along with My Sacrifice!”

Black Rose Radio - Black Rose Radio

“Bold. Triumphant. Her music creeps up on you like a spider alseep on her web. Listen. Admire. Heather Mere Rocks.”

Mr LP - Mr LP

“Wow...Some of these should be movie sound tracks. Love the song Take!!!”

One Nice Evolution - One Nice Evolution

“Your voice is addictive!”

Skull King - RN

“Soaring voice! Great dramatic vibe on "Take!"”

Stephanie Andreus - RN