Heather Mae / Press

“Each day Mae wrote, produced and performed a new song. The process was stressful at times, and there were hurdles she needed to overcome – what resulted was a revolution.”

“Heather Mae is tired of turning on the radio and hearing songs she can’t connect to. She’s tired of turning on the TV and seeing bodies that don’t look like her’s. So she’s doing something about it by redefining what its means to be ‘good enough.”

“An upbeat, jazzy pop song, ‘Hero’ is every bit as appealing to the ears as it is empowering – just like the artist set out to make her new music.”

“[Mae's] songs are charming even outside the context of the original [“One Year of Songs”] project, and she captures her prolific streak with a reflective sigh.”

“Artists and musicians love to talk about their creative process and how they might change it or get better. Heather Mae dives in and faces her art head on. [Heather Mae] has a long and beautiful career ahead of her.”

“Her 10-track record from the last year is nothing short of therapy in a pretty disguise…100% enlightening and 100% worth checking out.”

"Singer-songwriter Heather Mae is constantly searching in the darkest corners and the highest branches of the right half of her mind. She’s always devising new ways to lure out that elusive and slippery creature known as creativity."

“Beautifully written, engagingly crafted, and accomplished in execution, Heather Mae’s ‘One Year of Songs’ should see her gain plaudits and fans around the globe.”

“[Heather Mae] decided rather than wait for opportunity to knock, she would bust down the door and show us what she was made of…”