Heather Laveaux / Press

"Heather Laveaux has a beautiful name, a beautiful voice and a beautiful face. She also writes great tunes. One of the tough things about this business is that, as a musician, you are constantly asked “what kind of music do you play”? But it must be extra tough for Heather because her music crosses quite a few boundaries. It’s sultry and sexy, innocent and shy. It sounds like country at times – but the way Chris Isaak sings country. It sounds like jazz at times – maybe a little bit like a female Chet Baker…full of longing and unrequited emotions. On a song like “Never” she is more pop…I’m thinking mid-70′s Elton John. Three of the five tunes on her new EP are self-penned and they are fine tunes indeed. Let’s just say that if she can recruit the likes of Lee Sklar (Bette Midler, America, Graham Nash and many more) she ain’t no dilettante. Listen to Heather’s seductive tones and, just as importantly, buy her EP. She is a rising star and we are lucky to have