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"Heather Hill's Leuty Station is a remarkable and beautiful sounding disc. With strong vocals, imaginative words, music with hooks, expansive arrangements, and sometimes epic production, she presents an interesting strong female image lyrically." - Blair Packham, CFRB In the Studio

“Heather Hill is not only an incredibly talented musician, who weaves beautiful stories into music, she is an inspiration to her fellow artists. Leaving the corporate world to pursue her dream as an artist is both brave and terrifying and you can feel the power of her love for her chosen profession in each and every song.”

“It’s hard to imagine, when you hear her voice, that Heather was ever a corporate vice president. Unlike a lot of modern musicians, Hill doesn’t sound overly processed; she sounds like a natural.”

“She uses vocals that have an altogether wide range to them; in some songs, such as “Leuty Station” and “How Long” she uses higher pitches, while in songs such as “Second Chance” and “Wading Through Normal” she tends to stick with lower pitched, more monotone sounds. All in all, her vocals and the sentiment of the album parallel female vocalists such as Tori Amos and Kate Bush.”

Alec Cunningham - Blogger

“Arrangements are full of instrumentation, including a lush string section on the title track, and Hill has the voice to carry this bold debut. Hill eschews the temptation to fall back on romantic ballads to showcase her obvious vocal talents, preferring to tell stories with a much darker outlook, and using her voice to make the emphasis all that much clearer.”

“Check out Heather Hill in our monthly Member Spotlight. www.songwriters.ca”

"Find Your Way" is number three on the Original Soundtrack.

“Sept, 2011 - West Coast Songwriting Conference, Scott Mathews, multi-platinum award winning producer/musician (www.scottmathews.com) - "I was very moved by your work. Keep tilting at the windmills."”

“Heather (Pirie) Hill wins SongStudio 2010 League of Rock Award - for rocking out in an excellent way.”

"One of my favourite songs from Heather's album is called "Petrified". You will like it too - Josh Skinner.

"Heather Hill enchanted guests with her charisma and seductive vocals inside Grinder at the expresso bar's intimate folk music concert."

“Jan. 12th, 2011. "Second Skin" was in the Pop - Alternative Top 10 at Broadjam!”

"Heather's music showcases the enormous complexity and purity of her voice coupled with her honest and often vulnerable lyrics. Her strong songwriting ability captures the complexity and thoughts in our lives. She and her music are truly inspirational." co-founder and executive director

Katharyn Marquez Bond, co-founder Velocity Theatre Company, NYC. - Velocity Theatre Company