Heather Haze / Press

"Play that funky music, white girl!!"

George Clinton

"A truly gifted musical talent."

John Ming

"Incredible stuff. Killer sax. The vocals are awesome too."

Tom Mannion

"New Funk in Town is Funkalicious."

StankBot Tyranny

"A very unique voice and totally love the saxophone."

Kat Elfman

"Awesome musicianship."

Rick Sparfven

"Rock'n roll is still alive. Buddha Baby is a proof of it."


"I think you have created a new musical genre: sexy-rockfunk."

Tracey Lee

“...played with feel and a touch of genius. Heather you are a Top Cat with claws!”

Jackson Roque

“OMG! There's sax players and there's folks who own their instrument and everyone listening! Your vid was a jaw dropper! Whoa!”


“Love the sax, takes the music to a whole new level.”

My Lost Remedy



“Totally mesmerizing grooving music that I didn't want to end!”

Bypassing Oblivion

“World Class Alto Saxophonist and Vocalist Heather Haze. Mind you, I am not joking. This musician is unreal. You have to hear her play to believe what she can do. Mind boggling talent.”

Robert Heft Blues Band

“Very well produced and recorded, and great musicianship. Your vocal is clear as a bell and earthily distinctive.”

H. Reed