“Two words... Disgusting, Despicable!”

Your Grandma - .

“We don't know where we went wrong in their upbringing, I think we should dis-own since its too late to abort.”

Our parents - .

“There is nothing more immature thank a bunch of men ranting about their sexual frustrations.”

Local feminist group - .

“I'm not too sure how these messicans got into the United States to make such reprehensible "music", I think I'll start making room for them in Guantanamo Bay.”

George Bush - .

“Somewhere there's a place in Hell for these God-Damn Shit-Bags!”

Your local Priest - .

“I'd rather put a screw driver in my ear than another note from the so-called music that these good-for-nothings have decided to pollute the internet with!”

Our past music teachers - .

“They suck!”

Beavis & Buthead - .

“I don't hear a hit!”

Every record exec. - .