Heather Green / Press

"Originally from California (but a Halifax native since 2009) this songstress came complete with a duo of backup singers and local rock band, Young River. Needless to say with the amount of talent on the stage, there was no doubt we were in for a performance. From the strike of the first chord to the last thump of the kick drum, Heather Greens performance was nothing short of fantastic. Her smokey vocals blended beautifully with the backup harmonies and having Young River act as a backup jazz band was perfect. Why she isn’t playing for packed houses on a regular basis is beyond me. I expect a big break out in the near future."

“I am in love with Heather Green. She is a good person and you can somehow tell this from how she holds herself onstage. She is herself in front of a room, not an easy feat sometimes. Her songs are deep and stormy. Her album is killer. She brings something that falls somewhere between Motown and the pulsing drive of the Black Keys. And she always has one hell of a band, sometimes even featuring the incredible vocal stylings of Kim Harris.”

"Backed by a large band of cracker-jack instrumentalists and vocalists, California ex-pat Heather Green has been so embraced by the Halifax music community, she brought a good chunk of them on-stage with her. Green's stage manner is relatively mellow and reserved but her songs — a dreamy concoction rooted in folk but transformed into space-pop — pack an emotional punch. Flanked by colourful bandmates, at least one of whom was cross-dressing, Green is stoic in her statements. Her songs were dynamic, with hotshot guitar licks shooting out of her and her band's hands, and insistent rhythmic power driving her passionate voice forward. They sound like love songs but they also seem to reveal someone grappling with interpersonal power play. As such, even within her overt pop/soul moves, there's tension in Green's work and it gave her performance gravity and allure."

“Halifax’s Heather Green plays under her own name and describes her music as acoustic pop, but the songs she’s recorded demonstrate a far richer sound than such a description would have you believe. Green is much more than a girl-and-guitar combo, playing highly-textural music with dense electro nods. Your Last War shows Green with a ton of confidence, filling tracks such as “Salvation” with a strong, wandering voice that sounds as though it may have been carried in off a sea breeze. Though originally from California, the now-Haligonian sounds right at home within the artistic community that supports many of Halifax’s artists such as Rich Aucoin. While the folkier elements of her songs might sound at home in Halifax, the electronic elements showcase her California roots. The two locales certainly make for an interesting mix and it’s nice to see that Green has brought the sound and feel of two opposite coasts together.”

“Your Last War may be born and based here, but the songs don’t sound like anything being made in Halifax right now. Green has folk roots that have only been pushed by the company she keeps, but when needed the electronics swell to frame big city dream and failures and really improve the flow of the record.”

“Green explores dark and sultry vibes, but easily falls into more soulful compositions. Ledwell’s diversity and subtle touch are essential to the overall sound of this record, but Green’s willingness to jump without looking really makes the relationship work.”

“The second album of her young career, Heather Green's Your Last War is a reverb- soaked pop-rocker that sounds like it was pulled from a nook between Radiohead's The Bends and OK Computer. Dynamic layering gives the album a refined feel (unusual for a home recording) with handclaps and doubled vocals giving the record a gospel tone. From the feedback-laden and delay knob twiddling opening riffs of "Salvation" to the echoey cooing strains of "Hey Chelsea" Green's vocals soar in the reverberated ice cavern that is Daniel Ledwell's production. Not only is this album a testament to Green's power as a performer, but a sign of Ledwell's Daniel Lanois-esque depth as a sound engineer.”

“Recorded in Ledwell's In-Flight Safety rehearsal space and home studio, Your Last War is an atmospheric and dynamic record inspired by her childhood performing at church, The Black Keys' Brothers and British soul-revivalist production duo The Bird and The Bee.”

“Heather Green is a Canadian with a tune. She dances seamlessly between the artistry of a singer songwriter and a polished performer. She is nothing if not prolific and her songs run the gamut from a dance vibe to storytelling. Whatever they are it creates a mood and you all know how much I love mood in my music. Sonically it could serve as the perfect backdrop for TV and film but wherever it lands it will for sure land on money.”

“'The east coast of Canada is known for many things; absolutely amazing sea food, incredibly friendly people, and a strong musical backbone that is woven through all aspects of their culture. It takes a lot of talent to thrive in that kind of atmosphere, and that is just what Heather has done. She now shares the stage with the best from the east coast… and she can do that thanks to a heart-wrenching voice, lyrics which we can easily relate to, and simple, soulful melodies which make listeners sigh and sit back.'”