Heather Go Psycho / Press

“Heather Go Psycho Brings the house down every time they perform. With songs like "Rag Doll" and "Boy Eats Girl" the crowd comes alive and the Moshing Begins.”

“Jackee claws at the guitar like there’s candy hidden inside and screams like a panther whose mother never said it was special.”

Jeremy Martin from The SACurrent

“Heather Go Psycho are three chicks but don't call them a "chick band". They rock as well as dudes, better than some even..Their a serious rock band with serious potential but They are young so give them a little time before they really create a buzz. ”

-Ian-fr. The Austin Vida Magazine In Austin,TX

“Check it out!!you can now buy the music from Local 782 . All the bands are from San Antonio,TX..... You can buy and down load it at iTunes,amazon. com & E-music.Check out HGP's song Midnight Snack! " ”


“Jackie can generate such an awesome Courtney Love (90s Hole era Courtney) raspy scream and When she brings her voice down, I thought it was very Benetar-ish...Damn do these Girls rock!" ”

--Ian Fr. In the Flesh Tatoo Studios in Austin,TX

“Their Pretty faces are very deceiving. When you see these girls throw down evil riffs and hear zombie horror movie like screams, you will know these are not your typical "girls from next door."”

Derell from 21inSA Magazine