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“Even in the snow, you can see that Fay is all heart! She performed at the first New York City HIRL (hangout in real life) and just released her crowdfunded new album, "Cherish the Broken." She's a Thriller!”

““A breath of fresh air” is the best way to describe this week’s #OneToWatch artist Heather Fay.”

“Using Google Plus To Build A Global Music Audience and Community by RICK GOETZ Heather Fay is a Connecticut-based singer/songwriter who has gained recognition for being one of the first musicians to use the “Hangouts On Air” platform on Google+ (AKA Google Plus) to build a global audience for her music. In addition to performing Hangout concerts for her nearly 200,000 followers, she hosts a series of open-mic Google Hangouts, which enable her to build an ever-growing network of musicians from around the world. Heather also plays shows in CT and New York City at venues including Rockwood Music Hall and the Living Room.”

“Join the fight against extreme poverty. Two more YouTubers get voted onto our agit8 album – who else will you support? Come Together is part of our agit8 campaign, and has invited 11 of YouTube’s biggest and brightest music stars to record protest songs. They are hoping you will like their song enough to hit ‘Support’ because when they reach 1000 votes, they get a place on our agit8 Spotify album alongside acts like will.i.am, Muse and Bruce Springsteen. We’re excited to announce that two more artists have just passed the 1000 votes mark – well done Ryan Van Sickle and Heather Fay!”

“In a world where much of Top 40 radio is filled with music that is devoid of substance, let alone true art, in many cases, it’s a breath of fresh air to run across a promising artist like Heather Fay and her album, "Cherish the Broken". Comprised of stellar musicianship, honest and insightful lyricism, and plenty of creativity, Fay is an artist to watch.”

Andrew Greenhalgh - Review You

“Singer-songwriter Fay delivers a modestly tuneful, smartly-arranged and heartfelt set of 10 songs here. The modesty in question isn’t a comment on her talent — she possesses a strong, clear voice, and can use it to convey a broad range of emotions; and her songs themselves, melodically graceful.”

“Heather Fay dabbles in the singer/songwriter pastiche of Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell and adds in a twist of Americana, Country Blues and Rock.. Her voice is clear and strong and plain-spoken; an every woman's voice that connects to the listener instantly and holds your attention”

“Heather Fay is a singer-songwriter who writes music that has a style that combines Country, Folk and even Bluegrass. The resulting Americana style that ends up being created is as strong as anything that has been created by people like Alison Krauss or Emmylou Harris.”

“Mixing bluegrass, singer/songwriter, and alternative country styles together with a beautifully sweet voice has given Connecticut’s Heather Fay a uniquely engaging sound. Cherish The Broken is Fay’s sophomore outing and to say it has successfully avoided the sophomore slump is an understatement. Fay’s voice and acoustic guitar accompaniment are often more than enough to carry a song but they also function wonderfully within a full band arrangement. While the energy level does wind down a bit too soon, it’s still an engaging record with some hauntingly beautiful pieces of music.”

Heath Andrews - Review You

“The second album by singer/songwriter Heather Fay was recently released. Dubbed a country album but it is much more than acoustic country. The songs do have a very country feel but also proudly proclaim a folk edge and pop sensibility and dare I say a little rock n roll attitude. This is music for everyone not just the fan of one genre, a true crossover album.”

“21 FOLKS WHO STAND OUT AS THOUGHT LEADERS IN THEIR NICHE & HOW YOU CAN TOO – Heather Fay has 230,021 followers or “circlers” on Google Plus. That’s amazing! To put that in perspective, taking a look at the Billboard Folk Album’s Charts right now, out of the Top 5, The Lumineers can’t even be found with their own presence on Google+, and only Ed Sheeran comes close, a young and exciting artist with 207,197 circlers, more than 20,000 folks less. That’s a lot of folks, right. Heather Fay stands in stark contrast to that bossa nova guitarist performing to an apathetic audience. Her audiences, on the other hand, are infectious. She consistently seems to have an appreciative crowd, all willing to listen and watch her perform, publically too.”

“Heather Fay in concert, in the basement, thanks to Google+ WEST HAVEN — Past the kids’ train set, on the other side of the rocking horse and only a few steps from the washing machine, Heather Fay has built a home concert hall. From her humble basement command post, she sings and plays for appreciative fans from here to Finland. It’s part of her grand plan to ramp up a career as a singer-songwriter, without sacrificing her time with her husband and two young children. “I was trying to figure all this out,” says Fay, whose married name is Heather Fay Dawson. “Now, I can put my kids to bed and go play. I don’t have to leave home.” She says it wouldn’t be possible without the social media platform Google+ and various applications such as Hangouts and Hangouts On Air. “It’s a way to reach a global audience. It blows my mind,” Fay says.”