Heathen Eyes / Press

“In HEATHEN EYES, we have an Auckland-based band that fuses many elements from a range of metal, rock and ambience that once again attests to the ever-evolving nature of progressive music. In this single alone, I can hear many melodies and riffs put together from the notebooks of many alt-metal/rock legends, such as DEFTONES and ALICE IN CHAINS, and delicious-sounding bass work found on TOOL's seismic "10,000 Days". "The Blood of Cain" features many industrial, melodic and catchy sections, fused together by characteristically heavy riffage that smashes through sonic boundaries with the force of the unrelenting bass mixing. The vocals are excellent; crisp, and at times, sounding pained; not so much painful to listen to, but simply exuding raw emotion. Different sounds again are found on the b-side, taking a more traditional alt rock approach in the vein of ALICE IN CHAINS, and even hinting at TOOL's earlier works on "Undertow". Certainly, either track sounds like a phenomenal performance”

“Ocea is a plea to save our oceans, although it doesn’t sound like your typical environmental ballad. Instead what you get is over 4 minutes of ‘90s influenced alternative rock, with a lot of melody and driving rhythm. Those melodies come courtesy of front man Jason McIvor, who is responsible for guitar, bass and vocals on the recording, due to line up changes the band was undergoing at the time. Malcolm Blake provides the beats, doing a fine job of keeping the song moving along. The two-piece have crafted a catchy song here, knowing when to build it up and when to pull back and let the vocals soar, making the song ebb and flow organically – almost like the rhythms of the ocean that influenced the song. With a few more songs like these under the belt, and once they have the new line up sorted out, Heathen Eyes are going to be a band to keep an eye on in the local rock scene.”

“Heathen Eyes are a band I had never seen live before, but I had heard great things and they definitely lived up to the hype. This was good, solid hard rock. Frontman (and also promoter of the show) Jason McIver’s voice was on top form and his melodies were one of the standouts of the night. I heard many influences in the songs which worked well together, such as System Of A Down, Seether, Trivium and The Smashing Pumpkins.”