Heatbox / Press

“Armed with only a microphone and a looping station, Heatbox proceeded to perform what could only be called the epitome of a one-man act. Building songs from the ground up, this producer/band/turntablist put out beats, harmonies and lyrics that left the crowd stunned with jaws on the floor.”

"Heatbox is a dazzling, er, assembler of cool, summertime jams that incorporate hip-hop, scat, jazz, vocalese, doo-wop, soul, funk and techno/electronica."

"His musical talent is impressive in its own right, but Heatbox has another, equally unique skill...[he] designed and programmed an entire video game and placed it in the disc of his newest album, System. Both the music and the game are fantastic."

“Heatbox is a human beatbox, capable of reproducing-with awe-inducing accuracy-myriad musical instruments. On top of this already extraordinary talent, the guy has golden pipes...”