Heart Shaped Rock / Press

“Rock n' Roll Heart is in the right place”

“Heart Shaped Rock takes its music in many directions!”

“Wanted to stop by and say how much the fans on my radio show Love your band.. I get many ..many Requests for Heart Shaped Rock !! \m/ ”

Morbid North - Morbid North - Rock / Alternative / Metal Radio

“Checking out "Pay No Mind" and "Glacier." Pay attention to the music and the vocals. HSR is a band to watch because they're developing an original sound ”

Embers in Autum

““(Heart Shaped Rock) …is really original and as i am sure you are all aware that is sadly lacking in the american music scene.” ~Nolan Voyd ”

LA Free Press

“You brought it Over the top and beyond. Loving Brought It On. There are some stellar notes in there by the vocalist that almost touch the hem of Mercury.... they certainly ruffle Freddie's wings. Nicely performed. ”

ArtWhimsically Yours Studio

“Brought It On " It can break walls - Love It" ~ Raven Menagerie - xtrememetalradio.net ..”

Raven Menagerie - xtrememetalradio.net

"What people are saying about “Brought It On”: “intro reminds me of Queen, and the vocals remind me a little of Geoff Tate from Queensryche.” ~ Rik Fox ( Sin/Steeler/WASP)