Heartless Breakers / Press

“Nothing's better than watching a new band move full steam ahead, especially one teeming with potential. Featuring ex-Daytrader guitarist Matt Mascarenas, Heartless Breakers are those guys - anxious to work their asses off while showcasing skills both classic and unique for pop-punk.”

“POZ Exclusive: Heartless Breakers (ex-Daytrader) EP Details”

“I'm pretty damn excited for what Heartless Breakers are serving. Featuring ex-Daytrader guitarist Matt Mascarenas, the band's brand of high-energy tunes is anchored by great musicianship - there's definitely strategy here, and the end product is killer. We're happy to premiere their new music video, "Daily Restraint," as well as announce their debut EP - Prescriptions will be available on July 23. Check out the music video and tracklist in the replies - for fans of Misser, Taking Back Sunday, Bayside, and The Wonder Years.”

“...Drawing more from bigger alt rock bands like Jimmy Eat World than scrappier punk rock, songs on their upcoming self-titled EP will appeal to anyone who's grown up listening to post-2000's pop-punk; there are killer harmonies, there are half-time choruses and there are gang vocals that won't sound quite right until you have your fists firmly in the air.”

"ABSOLUTExlusive: Heartless Breakers Premiere Music Video for "Daily Restraint" and Announce EP - Prescriptions"

"Bitter Melodies now streaming on PropertyofZack.com"