Heartbreak Remedy / Press

“Heartbreak Remedy up next, rounding off the first half of the first day of the festival. Announcing that ‘music can get you through anything in life’, the band engaged the crowd in an intense set no one will be forgetting in a hurry.”

“From Hard Rock Hell United. Heartbreak Remedy deliver good old-fashioned grooving rock ‘n’ roll designed to start a party and nothing else. Both the songs, which have their fair share of hummable hooks, and the performance are tight, and are equally suited to the back room of their local pub or the larger stage on which they find themselves this brisk evening.”

“Ragged and ruffled from the outset, it’s fair to say Starz look like a band that’s finally run its course. Following The Poodles’ vibrant set doesn't help, and disillusioned punters are soon heading to the exit doors in their droves. Fast-rising Cumbrians Heartbreak Remedy are the primary beneficiaries – their ‘clash’ on the Sleaze Stage proving a potentially career-defining blessing in disguise.”

“Due to a logistical cockup I dashed into the Brickyard in time to miss the first songs of HRs set. By time I arrived HR were in the middle of Life, a slow bluesy number that took well to being played with couple of acoustic guitars and drums. Mattys voice gets better every time I hear it, this song really gave him chance to show his range. Next up was a much more bouncy uptempo song Tell Me Why, which allowed Matty and the crowd to have a dance. Matty then explained that there are three ways to get over a breakup. ‘Hit the booze, find someone else or turn to music’ leading into another slow groover starting with Stephen (drums) with some timpani mallets, morphing into something that put me in mind of Zeppelin at their best. The final song was a rousing cover of the GNR favourite Used To Love Her. Clapping and singing ensued. A perfect way to end. There is a lot of talent in this band, I think (hope?) they have the potential to really go somewhere if this performance is any indicato”

“RUSHONROCK RECORD OF THE WEEK Life EP (Self Released) Cumbria has always boasted a reputation for producing the world’s finest slate – right now it’s a county celebrating a resurgence in rock. Falling Red and Colt 45 might be setting the pace but Heartbreak Remedy – a major draw at this weekend’s Hard Rock Hell Festival – are catching up fast. The laid back rockers rooted in the 80s look and sound like the real deal. Kicking off with Single And Free and the excellent Devil Woman it’s easy to imagine them laying waste to the Sunset Strip 25 years ago. But by the time Chasing The Sun and Life are unleashed there are welcome hints of Blackberry Smoke’s countrified blues. It would be unfair to suggest Heartbreak Remedy are attempting to cover multiple bases in a bid to fit at least one blueprint for rock’s next big thing. Make no mistake, this quartet boast their own identity and a stunning armoury of classic rock originals. And two EPs in that’s no mean feat. 8/1”

“The Last Vegas, Camden Underworld, 18 May 2014 Tonight’s proceedings opened with Heartbreak Remedy, this young British band are definitely one to keep an eye on.”

“It was Lake District groove metallers Heartbreak Remedy who took to the stage at The Underworld in support of The Last Vegas. Despite a small audience, the quartet impressed with a set of hard rockin’ tunes bolstered by the earthy vocals of Matty Penn, who also provided the strong bass-lines. Standout tracks were ‘Hair Of The Dog’, ‘Tell Me Why’ and the excellent ballad ‘Life’, but every track on offer – especially ‘Josephine’ – was delivered with an uptempo beat and at times married a Led Zeppelin strut with grungier influences. Heartbreak Remedy also consist of drummer Stephen Jackson, and the twin guitar attack of Callum Glynn and Luke Blair, who give an extra metallic edge to the likes of ‘All You’ll Ever Be’ and the fluid strains of ‘Truth’. In a sense, Heartbreak Remedy brought the perfect blend of no frills rock ’n’ roll and groove-based, foot-tapping metal before making way for the headline act.”

“Support for the whole tour are Heartbreak Remedy. Hailing from The Lake District the band are hard rock excellence. Not original but damn fine fun, they are playing music that they love and it shows. Singer/bass man Matty is struggling with a cold, but still manages to carry the songs. “Already Gone,” which is perhaps the pick, is dedicated to “going to your new girlfriend’s bedroom and finding a big hole in the wall where she’s thrown the tv.” At that point he explains that “you leave….or do what I did and enjoy yourself for eight months.” Good lad. Go and see Heartbreak Remedy next time you get chance.”

“Heartbreak Remedy provided superb support tonight with a 9 song set of solid, honest to goodness rock with occasional bluesy overtones. Despite Matty Penn appearing to be a little under the weather, it was to his credit that his not very well voice lasted until the penultimate song before a few croaked high notes started to creep in. Steve Jackson’s stick work drove the beat around which Callum Glynn and Luke Blaire interwove their fine guitar sounds. Stand out track for me was the rock and rollsy ‘Tell Me Why’, but ‘Cocked & Loaded’ and ‘Hair of the Dog’ also merit a mention. A relatively new band, Heartbreak Remedy have a work hard, play hard attitude and why not? An excellent opener for tonight and one to keep at least half an eye open for.”

“The first song Cocked and Loaded had a Deep Purple Highway Star vibe with a good bass line and screaming riffs getting the show off to a good start. Single and Free had a Beatles feel to it with added bullet drumming. Tell Me Why about when you fall out with your partner reminded me of Craving by Vintage Caravan. Life started off with some gentle Riffs then sped up, reminiscent of Freebird by Lynyrd Skynryd and with only a slight waver of Mattys voice at the end of the song. The next song Already Gone about an ex-girlfriend of Mattys. Songs about his ex-girlfriends seems to be a recurrent theme! Some great riffs and a bit of a drum solo in this one. The band finished their set with Keep Rollin’ with a great drum beat and plenty of riffs. Heartbreak Remedy are young, tall and good looking but despite the youth they have a classic rock sound which should appeal to all ages. Finishing to a round of applause Heartbreak Remedy had gotten the crowd nicely warmed up ready for The Last Vega”

“Next up were Heartbreak Remedy, a bluesy- rocking outfit from the Lake District. They fared a bit better, despite dealing with an even smaller audience. The band had some great guitar work going on, as well as an absolute gem of a singer blessed with a classic strong rock voice and an amusing line in stage patter. If you like your rock music groove-led and laden with catchy hooks, I can thoroughly recommend Heartbreak Remedy, a band well worth catching next time they return to the South.”