Heart & Soul Radio / Press

“Perfectly crafted from the driving rhythms to the carefully considered lyrics, Heart & Soul Radio shows that alternative rock music lives on and lives strong… their songs are unforgettable. The choruses invite the listener to sing along. They virtually demand listener participation.”

"H&S takes their typical “we’re really talented and have been doing this for a long time” flair and step it up a notch- the album actually shows growth. Well played, guys. Well played."

"thieves never slows down or loses its way; it is a truly focused release that captures Heart & Soul Radio at the top of their game."

“Jimmy and Brian "hung out backstage and showed off why the female fans went crazy for them during their breakout set. They're one of a number of bands picking up a great deal of buzz on this Warped Tour.”

“...Although all three of the tracks from the Homeland Insecurity EP are noteworthy, our favorite of the bunch is "E.P.I.C.," a song dealing with trying to keep your head above water in the midst of this soul-crushing economy, whose soaring chorus recalls the best moments of Jimmy Eat Word.”

“They remind me of everything I missed in punk rock. These guys are a mix of Unwritten Law, NOFX, and old Blink with catchy riffs as well as catchy and melodic choruses. Why these dudes aren't signed is beyond me, because these (songs) are awesome!”

“What happens when a bunch of renown pop punk doofuses suddenly grow up and start writing earnest, meaningful songs? In the case of Heart & Soul Radio, the act has emerged with a batch substantive tunes that are as compelling as they are tuneful...”