Headwork / Press

“'You have some good tracks, keep up the good work'”

Jonny Buckland, Coldplay

“Refreshing and new music to my ears. Distinctive fabulous vocals with great backing tracks. Clean and cool. I love your sound...awesome production. Congrats!!! Continued success...Peace...Ascenzion”

“man you've got that groove!, warm and organic, thats some nice chilled out vibes...”

“...went to Infinity with you and found there was to be no skipping stones; headwork is too steady a high... Great production, vocals & music, this is. Cheers!”

“I'll probably be coming back to hear more from this quarter because Don't Pass It By is a cracking introduction. Highly Recommended Electronic shoegazing...”

“holy crap! i think your sound is great!!! you get any better, and we'll be seeing you at the grammys!!”

“Live Music In Milton Keynes loves Headwork's song " Cry for help " top tune!!!!! o and "Infinity" is awesome too :) ”