HeadState / Press

"Lipsplitter (remix)" is blowing me away right now! This is the sound I grew up on, you are killing it! F-N AWESOME! The guitars sound so pleasing. The groove is intense and so satisfying. The talking bit is a cool break, then back into the action. To the point kick a$$ lyrics. HELLS YES. EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY and MIXING. Jason

Jason Abbott - Reverbnation

“On Again Off Again ROCKS!!! Love how it goes from extreme melodic to extreme rock - and the tempo change in the middle finishes selling the song. Great musicianship!!!”

Vintage Radio Gods - Reverbnation

“Wow, I'm listening to your band's music and I have to say, you guys do some kick ass work, great chemistry! I'll be sure to promote Head State.”

Philip Meedon - facebook

“You guys are way to awesome for words! Seriously, HeadState is the real deal!! Never surrender! \m/ Christy”

Christy Chemical - Reverbnation

“Awesome to cross paths with some serious talent! You have our support! and On again off again is the jam! Keep this up!”

Badwolf - Reverbnation

“Wow you possess extraordinary intensity, talent and passion! How are you still undiscovered???? Your vocals are among the best I have heard on this site in a long time and your music very mesmerizing! Never give up your dreams!”

Kara Milan Italy/ Funkygroovylemonade - Reverbnation

“I had to mention, "HalfLife" is outstanding! The lyrics, vocals and the killer instrumental sound & vibe kicks @SS, great work! \m/ ..Pete”

Pete -The Honest Mistake band - Reverbnation

“Awesome tracks. On Again Off Again is fantastic. I certainly hear the Alice In Chains/Stone Temple Pilots influence. Nice.”

19tilldawn - Reverbnation

“Wow,,, On Again Off Again just blew me away !!! Freekin awesome !!!”

Dan Leazer - Facebook

“I like how you guys play on the emotion of ambivalence. Starts with contemplation and leads into the frustration. Damn SWEET!!”

Alan Van Winkle - Facebook

“I am on Reverbnation on a daily basis and you guys are a rare treat. On again off again is excellent. I like Lipsplitter as well but feel OAOA has more of a defining sound. It showcases your vocalist more. He has a very cool quality to his voice. Original and badass! Rock on!!! Just Liked you guys on facebook and subscribded to your updates. Would be cool if you Liked us back at www.StrikesAtOne.com Really wish you guys well”