Headless Pez / Press

“Last time I saw Headless Pez you tried sticking a flame thrower up my pregnant girlfriends ass's and got fake blood all over other bands merch. Are you still doing shows like that?”

Eugene Pyrate Punx

“If you're like most, seeing a band's name on a flyer accompanied by a pentagram made of dicks might make you think twice about catching their live show. However, if that band's name is Headless Pez, do yourself a favor and ignore those instincts. When HP takes a stage, expect to see men in spandex, bondage, chaps, over-sized penises, exaggerated pubic hair, mustaches curled over maniacal smiles, and many other refinements. It all seems quite silly, until they start playing. Then you get squealing screams, lightning-fast solos, and notes that bend until guitar necks snap, literally. In fact, Headless Pez's thrash is so fast and powerful, and their obsession with the male sex organ is so great, they may have invented a new metal subgenre: Phallic Power Thrash!”

“Headless Pez Put On One Helluva Show .... Killer Music & Hilarious Stage Antics ... Thanx For The Song You "Dedicated To Bill Daughters" !!!! LOL ,,, All Was Great ,, Until Ur Jack MeHauf Guy "SQUIRTED" That "STUFF" On Me & Jim's Faces !!!! LMFAO”