“(PART 2) but the final song, an acoustic love song with some pretty backing vocals might be my favorite song on the album. Its silly, cute, and simple, but something about the sound is very brave. Nervy. In fact, it might be the most punk song on the album, even though there isn’t a distortion pedal in sight.This is a good EP, and I am going to keep my eyes out for this band... I think you should too.”

Charlie J.J. Kruger (Horror-Punks.com)

“Romantic horror-punk with a whole lot of class. Something about the guitar tone and the clashing drums immediately struck me as romantic and love-struck. That sickly kinda love vibe continues through the short EP and is actually very endearing. Somehow the whole sound of the musical production is very nostalgic. I had to listen through the album a few times before I even was able to focus on the vocals. On that point alone, I have to advise this solid horror-punk release. Now... the vocals, this one is interesting. I liked them. I liked them a lot. They reminded me a little bit of the Meat Puppets, a little of Anti-Flag, a little of my first punk band years (and YEARS) ago, and even Blink 182. It’s a weird series of comparisons, I know, but for whatever reason, those bands all clicked in my head and the more I listened to the songs the more fair the links seemed in my mind. The 5 punk songs on the album are all solid rockers, and would all be fun to Rat Fink around while listening to”

Charlie J.J. Kruger (Horror-Punks.com)

“Local horror punk trio Head Casket will unveil its debut EP, People Are People Too—a collection of six fast-paced, original punk rock songs with a comical twist—this weekend at The Poet and The Patriot. Fans of The Dead Milkmen will go gaga for the band’s hysterical, often zombie-inspired lyrics (i.e. “I won’t eat your brain”) and high-energy live show. Adding to the fun will be two additional Santa Cruz bands: rockabilly-punk outfit Ghost Town Hangmen and pop-rock favorite My Stupid Brother. | JB”

"It's one of those things in pop culture that really never goes away. Zombies have been around for years—no matter what, they'll always be a part of our culture."…The reason behind zombie's staying power.... "Nobody wants to die," Rick shrugs. And what are walking corpses but a victory over death? And so even while the band members frequently apply makeup to give themselves a ghoulish pallor, their music, by contrast, is bouncy and jubilant—albeit in a morbid way. Take "La Diabla (Go To Hell)," It's an up-tempo, punky tune, reminiscent of "Punk Rock Girl"…by The Dead Milkmen. Citing other major influences, The Clash and The Misfits, the band tries to focus on playing songs that are high energy and easy to sing along with. It would seem that if Deschamp, Brose and Hatchet were raised from the grave, they would view the transformation not as a curse, but as an opportunity to party. "That's why we love writing these songs," Deschamp says. "We just want to have a blast!"