H-Beam / Press

“I fuckin' love this band!!!!!”

"H-Beam was out of this world. I actually texted a friend during the show with this slightly buzzed description… “It’s like Zappa & The Who are bloodied, but still singing, after a car wreck while Maroon 5 plays on the car’s radio.” Lots of antics, and lots of good times. I was done after H-bomb and headed out, only to find out that porn legend Ron Jeremy rolled in late night."

“Walberg's Useful Box of Hair album is the most unique collection of songs that I've ever heard! It's Clapton meets Hendrix manic guitar-driven music with lyrics by Hemingway and Zappa. And Charles Manson doing monologues between cuts.”

“H-Beam are Nashville's resident psych-weirdo specialists. If you've never seen one of their elaborate live performances or heard the trippy rock H-Beam is noted for, do yourself a favor and check out the release show for their forthcoming album Useful Box of Hair.”

“H-Beam is the Frank Zappa/Mike Patton fix that you’ve been needing for the past 5 years. Their music is spastic, eccentric, non-sensical, and terribly amusing to the point where you find yourself chuckling in your car-seat while on a business call...”

"One thing's for sure—there is nothing like an H-Beam show in Music City."

““H-Beam cannot be accused of falling into the old Nashville rock rut of shoegazing; their outlandish use of unorthodox instruments and props in a superlative live show set their act a cut above most bands playing the club circuit.””

“H-Beam's performance at Rites of Spring was not for the faint of heart … or the sober. The psychedelic rockers opened up Alumni Lawn on Saturday to a whole new world where giant panda suits, frog masks and lesbian rock opera reigned supreme. ”

Avery Spooford - Versus Entertainment