HAZARD / Press

“so i just listen to 3 of ur songs n OMG ur r the truth! never give up! feelin She love my swag and we on”


“That "We On" is hot as hel!!! Love it! ”

Ms.Felony - Ms.Felony

“Money My Motivation”



HAZARD - HAZARD on music

“Hey man, thanks for supporting my music and even though i am not a big fan of autotune, you still make it work and you rap way better than weezzy (DAMN-HAZARD)”


“Its Tha League mafuka & if we aint at the top I bet Xplizit is fuka...”


“I dominate syphers and tear down booths versatile on any track leave ya Mc screwed/ They aint gotta let me in the game threw the door I'll go underground and come up threw the fucking floor/”

HAZARD - 100 Bar Assault

“You got some real good music over there..Got skillz for real...”

Varcity League Productions - Revebnation

“when i hear ur music. i c u in a different way. ur an artist and ur good.”

-Bernadette Rubin- "Fan"

“Team XPLIZIT its more than a group its a movement.”


“I do this for the love of music.”


“got a chance to check out the songs u posted.... doin ur thing...i like!”

-Bernadette Rubin- "Fan"