Haywood Turnipseed Jr / Press

“A lot of your comedy comments on the diversity of D.C. What do you think of D.C. audiences? Are they a little too uptight? '...In general, the audiences tend to get that because I have a different vibe that I come with. I try to be more friendly. If you’re cool with poking fun at yourself, it’s not a big deal. In this town, you better have a sense of humor. These people will attack you from every angle.'”

"The city is shaped like a diamond, and to me it’s a gem."

"The first time I heard Haywood Turnipseed Jr.’s comedy was when he hosted weekly bingo nights at Kangaroo Boxing Club in Columbia Heights, back in 2013. Since then, I’ve seen him around everywhere..."

“By Haywood Turnipseed Jr. He’s a very funny Bentzen Ball alum and can be seen on Saturday, March 1 at the Howard Theatre as part of the BYT Super Sampler. He’s also a father of young boys so he watches a lot of Sesame Street.”

"This week’s show was hosted by Haywood Turnipseed Jr, a man with a laugh so contagious, deep, and resonant that it makes you want to practice your own laugh just to get it down. Haywood was a great host– really funny, warm, and engaged the crowd through and through..."

“Three Activists Walk Into a Bar… Comedian comments on the "DC-Occupy Movement" Haywood Turnipseed Jr. "The occupiers keep talking about the 99 percent. I live in Southeast D.C., where 38 percent of the folks are unemployed. They coulda just occupied my front yard and hit their target audience."”