The Haymarket Squares / Press

“They're smart. They're funny. They're raging against the machine in four-part harmony.”

Arizona Republic

“They are easily one of the most talented bands in the Valley, and they perform those four-part vocal harmonies as well as any professional band on the planet.”

“As soon as I hear the first song... I am hooked on this band. Their brand of indie-folk-bluegrass-punk-music warms my soul as I see visions of the ghosts of American folk greats Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger on stage... The audience is psyched and pumped up after the set.”

“...The Haymarket Squares of Phoenix will smarten up the show and bring it home... Just imagine Stephen Colbert in a fast-grass band and you'll get the idea.”

“... the wall of talent that is Phoenix's Haymarket Squares... played a stellar set...”

“a blazing streak of self-righteousness and a mastery of your instruments... The Haymarket Squares has both in spades.”

“These guys are hopped up on punk and bluegrass, are armed with tight vocal harmonies and a heaping dose of righteous anger, which makes for one hell of a raucous show.”

“Phoenix's original protest band The Haymarket Squares is one of the most distinctly talented groups in town.”

“The band calls what they do "punkgrass," a style that combines the speed and visceral energy of punk rock with acoustic elements of bluegrass. The result is fun to listen to...”

“Their fast-paced, politically-charged songs have garnered the punkgrass pioneers a niche following in the Valley of country fans, punk rockers, folk fans, and activists.”