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“The Hawkeyes take rock back to its roots.”

"From what I've heard from the @TheHawkeyes EP they're gonna turn some heads!"

“Mid-West rock-based Americana has never sounded so good.”

“The Hawkeyes made me forget all about a beat-the-heat-brewski, playing an entertaining set brimming with the confidence of a band fresh off a successful tour highlighted by a lead-off performance at the nationally televised Rocklahoma rock festival in Oklahoma. (You could hear the Hawkeyes playing when HD Net began its telecast.)”

"The Hawkeyes kicked tail tonight at Market Square's Bike Night. One of my fave new-ish Pittsburgh rock bands!"

"The Hawkeyes are the next generation of rock your face off music and I digg it all the way......."

"They sounded great!" in reference to the Hawkeyes performance at Rocklahoma

“The Hawkeyes are starting to soar. The Pittsburgh band... was profiled recently in Music Now Magazine (The Fray was on the cover).The Hawkeyes will embark on an eastern U.S. tour highlighted by a May 27 appearance at the Rocklahoma music festival in Oklahoma, supporting the Sammy Hagar-Joe Satriani band Chickenfoot.”

"(A)mazing hooks that have you singing along by the end of the song....(Jay's) voice is filled with such emotion and their stage presence is intense. I'm definitely glad I got the chance to see them live".

“‎This Pittsburgh band boasts a gritty country rock sound that’s appealing. Think John Mellencamp but slightly rougher around the edges”

Chris Mautner - The Patriot News - Harrisburg PA

“In a world where louder is not always better this band delivers rock n roll straight to your feet. These are songs you will sing along to, songs you will play your friends, songs that you will listen to in ten years and realize how well they have held up to the test of time.”

“From the songwriting to the overall production of the track, this tune is a great example of why we love rock bands and the music they make.”

“The Hawkeyes could someday be one of those classic bands who will be remembered for generations.”

"...think if Keith Richards decided to join Crazy Horse."

Viking Jim - 93.3 The Wolf - Youngstown OH

“....recently returning from its first southern tour. The singer said the act was well received in Cincinnati as well as in Kentucky and Nashville. However, it was visiting a certain college town in Georgia that could lead to something big.”

“The Hawkeyes, check out this rockin' tight outfit from Pittsburgh ”

Viking Jim - 93.3 The Wolf - WNCD