HAVOK / Press

“KKKK (4/5) "With bands such as Skeletonwitch and Evile enjoying increasing popularity, talk of a genuine thrash revival is becoming more than just a murmur. And if this renaissance does have legs, you'll no doubt find Denver thrashers Havok on the front line. The two years of road experience they've notched up since the release of 2009's Burn really shines through, and the result is a ferocious, turbocharged record that oozes with confidence."”

“8.5/10 "Don't lump HAVOK in with the steaming pile of retro wannabes stinking up the scene; the Colorado clan is now a member the Real Deal Club. The case was made and closed with "Time is Up", an album that will end up one of the very best thrash metal releases of 2011."”

“8/10 "everyone should be worshiping at these Denver native’s altar as they have the flashy skill, ridiculous song writing chops and prodigious lead guitar work that’ll have even the most jaded ears saying, “Okay, just this last once…”"”

“4/5 "There’s no sophomore jinx on Time is Up. Havok definitely steps up to the plate with this new release. The band has created memorable and catchy thrash songs designed to rip your face off." "This is a damn good thrash album. Call it retro, new thrash revival or whatever, Havok have the chops and the ability to prove that they have the staying power to last in this genre."”

"They say first impressions count. 10 seconds of Havok’s Time Is Up is all it takes before you have a smile that you can’t fit on your face." "Somewhere back in 86, at a top secret location deep in the Bay Area, strands of Burton, Holt, Araya, Skolnick and Lombardo were stored in a cryogenic state until technology moved forward enough to create the band currently known as ‘Havok’. DNA cloning is the only possible explanation for the sound created by a band that look like they weren’t even born at the peak of the thrash metal era." "Way back when thrash was new, there was a tangible air of excitement in the music. Some 30 years on it takes something quite special to recreate that vibe. In Time Is Up, Havok have nailed it."

“95/100 "Back with TIME IS UP, Havok have unleashed their MASTER OF PUPPETS, HELL AWAITS and BONDED BY BLOOD all rolled into one blistering dose of new music" "If you are someone that proclaims your appreciation for Slayer, Exodus, etc. and you haven’t heard these guys, then dare I say you are a poser."”

“4.6/5 " Well I'm now officially jumping on the "Havok is awesome" bandwagon. I originally wrote them off as another typical retro-thrash band being lost in the heap of others but "Time is Up" completely changed that for me, and if you were in a similar predicament as I was, I urge you... NO... I'm demanding you check this album out because it will DESTROY YOU."”

“90/100 "All Thrash Metal fans will love this release since after careful analysis, we can’t really find any tracks that are weak or feel like you’ve heard them before, something really rare these days." "“Time is Up” is definitely the must buy album of this early months of 2011. We are sure this album will secure the band’s name in history"”

“9/10 "Overall, Havok have emphatically outdone their previous effort and come up with a thrash masterpiece this time around. If you're a thrash fan, you won't regret buying this album and I guarantee that you'll find it hard to remove this from your car stereos and computer playlists."”

“9/10 "I think several of these new young thrash bands are great (Lazarus A.D., Gama Bomb, Bonded By Blood, Mantic Ritual, Warbringer), but I’m calling it now in February that "Time Is Up" is one of, if not, the Thrash Album of 2011 from the new generation!"”

“9/10 "This album is a big fun, from the first to the last minute, and I am sure that watching them live will also be fun. Their music is a journey back in time, and we loved every single minute of it. As the promo said, it's one of the bands that makes Thrash seem relevant again."”