Havilah / Press

“Havilah's eclectic sound blurs the edges of folk, pop and country much in the same way as Shawn Colvin. Her voice, always distinctive, is also superbly flexible and allows Havilah to work comfortably within a striking number of styles and influences”

“Havilah’s music moves across genres with ease, glancing against various facets of jazz, country, folk, blues, to stand alone as a thing in itself. Her phrasing is remarkable, syllables stretched slowly with elegance and laid down against and over each other like braids.”

“Think Neko Case at her best”

Peter Harris - Harris Radio

“ Havilah's songs fall in that country-rock area, but more like a singer-songwriter with country influences, with her voice a country-fried cross between Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow with a little Lucinda Williams grit. ”

Mac MacDonald - Monterey Herald

““Like the trapped butterfly that Havilah sings of, she has definitely found her hole in the screen. This album is sure to take flight and be lifted on the currents of smart lyrics and a wonderfully familiar soothing voice that can rock on a dime.””

Lane Gosnay - The Bugle Boy Listening Room

“There's something wonderfully spontaneous about Havilah's music...throaty, earnest, and unaffected and full of a genuine kind of living.”

Every Other Weekly Bellingham, WA

“Havilah can sing, sing and sing again...a beautiful voice full of depth,emotion and passion.”

Insite Seattle, WA

“Havilah's warm presence and nearly flawless voice...sounds like something that would always be perfect to hear...no matter what moment it was.”

Seattle Gay and Lesbian News

“Havilah's songs show the complexity of a seasoned pro."”

Axis Music and Media Dispatch

“In music a fine line between superstardom and obscurity exists..Havilah may have the formula to cross that line.”

Western Front, WWU

“Havilah weaves a tapestry of vulnerability and strength that's undeniably true.”

Estrogen Music