Haunted Echo / Press

“[Kris Pierce] has the most charisma...”

Piers Morgan - America's Got Talent

"Haunted Echo helps to blur the lines between electronic music genres, skillfully combining elements of goth, darkwave, trance, downtempo, and even drum&bass."

RIch Rank (So Hip It Hertz, WMNF 88.5) - IDN Bands

"Haunted Echo's sound is a space-time continuum of fantasmagorical grooves and hip-twistin' funk; serious head music where mind and body literally collide in a blend of classical and modern, though I'm unsure where the past ends and future begins. And ya know what? It doesn't really matter. I just really dig it."

Steven Blush (publisher, Seconds; author,American Hardcore) - Seconds Magazine

"When you're staggering around in your own creative palace of locked doors, broken and dust covered things -- its great to see what other artists do with that "staggering"--- they shift the word from verb to adjective."

Rhonda Kay - Grooveshark.com

“‎Kris grows the best peyote I've ever had. No one knows how to melt a mind like him. Thanks for the help friend.”

Brad Kokay - BradKokay.com