Hath No Fury / Press

“Hath No Fury was the penultimate act of the evening, and I've mentioned in other forums how much I enjoy the group's revamped sound. They're a "completely different act from the one that took the stage at Gross Domestic Product two springs ago, and the differences are almost completely positive. ....Brian Olson is rudely good. I think I meant “really good.” But yeah, HNF's lead guitarist is obscenely good at what he does."”

“You can’t keep a good girl down. Jen Allen’s a good girl. Through very solid songwriting, a stable of talented musicians and some relentless promotion via social media, Allen’s band Hath No Fury — then a five piece — capped off a productive start to 2012 by playing April’s Gross Domestic Product Music Festival. Then the bottom fell out. Personalities began to clash, and Hath No Fury, as bands sometimes do, broke up. But for Allen, the loss of her backing musicians was just a setback for the band, not the end. ..... “I feel like these guys really, genuinely like me, which is nice,” she said. “Whenever I’ve lost members, it feels like getting broken up with in a relationship, even when the parting is amicable. “But you’ve got to forge those relationships.” Because you can’t keep a good girl down. “I’d have people come up to me and say, ‘Oh, I thought you were done,’ ” Allen said, shaking her head. “I won’t ever be done. I can’t.””

“Jen Allen is not afraid to put herself out there. Over the past two years, the Hath No Fury front woman has developed a reputation as a tireless promoter. If you’ve spent time around the local music scene, you’ve definitely heard her name, even if you’ve never heard her music.”

“Following Switchblade Saturdays was the ever reliable Hath No Fury. As with every show they perform, this one proved them to be one of the most consistently bad ass bands to breed the local scene. Kristin, AJ, Jen, Jayson, and Jeff played their set to perfection and the fans followed. With some new merchandise and writing of new songs happening, look for the Fury to be around for many shows to come.”

“Having been an entity for the past two years you could really feel how well they worked together. AJ’s drumming was fast and well timed, Jeff’s speedy bass line was creative and accurate, Jayson’s guitar skills were completely off the charts, Jen’s stage presence set the tone for the show, and despite fighting sinus issues, Kristin’s vocals were an eerie harmony that was reminiscent of Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries) without the shakes (Unless she is dancing with the audience). Expect to see an EP coming out from these guys in the near future. Unfortunately the show was extremely short-lived (7 or 8 songs) and left the crowd wanting. With the combination of fast accurate play, dirty scream, harmonies, and creative timing, this band is one to watch. Oh, and no, they would not talk about Brady… I asked. ”

“Hath No Fury is a relatively young band, but most of the members have been in/around the Des Moines scene for the better part of the last decade (I can even remember seeing the bassist and drummers old band at the House of Bricks when I was back in high school), but unlike some of their peers, they are not bound by any specific genre and have played with bands that are polar opposites from them-a very gutsy move for a band so young.”

“Hath No Fury, a group with a dynamic pair of vocalists, the harmonization works well together. Jen Allen's guitar work is impressive.... Her phrasing is great. Kristen knows how to work a crowd, and Jeff plays a sweet bass!”