Hate For State / Press

"fantastic set at Numbers here in Houston tonight..and the fusion of punk, alternative, funk and blues..wow!! You put all them boys and girls in school tonight..They were shaking their heads!"

"Starting in 1999, they have built themselves into an institution. They have released 4 awesome albums and have current plans for a 5th release. Have a great live set and have shared the stage with tons of legendary punk bands."

"Santa Cruz is lucky—we've got no shortage of impressive musical talents worthy of your night out." "Henfling's Tavern will host a Local's Night Halloween bash with local bad boys Honest Mistake, along with 3 Up Front and Salinas thrashers Hate for State (Oct. 31)."

“Favorite Local Band When a band can make a non-metal head banger such as myself get busy, that's a good sign. These guys straight up rock!”

“Anger As Art "Hate For State keeps the classic hard-and-fast punk rock sound alive." "Great punk rock is all about breaking down the barriers of a restricting society." "The band will set out to destroy the line drawn between the band and it's audience"”