HATCH / Press

“Hatch, of Denton, Texas, rises with three new releases on the heels of their acclaimed first album. Soundcrack. The mission of this band as they descend on your town is sacrosanct: dedication to their authentic craft. Hatch is commited to true improvisation. The opportunity to experience their uniqueness is everlasting.”

“What is your songwriting process? All of our tracks were made up at the time of recording: there's no music, no composition of any sort. We just go in and press record, and kind of group compose these pieces on the spot.We all love song writing, and we're all still trying to understand how to make it a song and not just a jam. It really feels like this CD is more songs that tell a story, even though it wasn't a planned and orchestrated written story. Nick W: I'll be the first to say, in the beginning it was really frustrating trying to do that. Everyone has all these ideas and visions of where they want to go, but at times it's really difficult to communicate those thoughts with everyone else. We're still learning how to take it somewhere together. Mike plays a melody on trumpet, I take it and add to it, Elliot adds something, and we just run with it.”

“While I have yet to come up with a suitable genre to describe Hatch, I would say that Hatch plays songs to think thoughts to. At first that seems like an oversimplified description for a group who is one of the brightest stars in Denton's musical constellation. But while I was listening, I realized that this is the perfect music to muse to. This is a group whose staggering amount of unique musical ideas stimulates their audience to think of music in a different way, something that most bands aspire to but never achieve. I guess it's only fitting that they sound like a stream of consciousness coming directly from their brains and instruments to your ears, especially when considering they're unfettered by written music. Hatch is band of musicians who are like live-instrument DJs: they each pick and choose genres and styles to play in, but like truly masterful spinners they know when to layer, switch tracks, and repeat.”