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“A great evening of entertainment with John Hasnip TONIGHT! Doors open at 7 Music starts at 8. You can always be guaranteed of the best music at Tucker's on a Saturday night. And as one Tucker's favorite performers John is one of the best! He wandered in to our open mic on a Friday and after a couple of tunes we hired him on the spot! He's that good! He is returning for second time at Tucker's. A great voice, expressive guitar style and he's funny too...he sings all the tunes we grew up with and new favorites. Born in Yeovil, England is now lives in Augusta. John plays Beatles, Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, Green Day, Tom Petty, The Who and many more. Catch the best local music while it's still local!”

“John Hasnip and I have really known each other for about three months. I came to know about him from posting entertainment listings to The Valley Voice. John does about 200 gigs a week (that’s a lot of posting) and wherever he plays people just love to hear his music and watch him perform in his typical English manner which naturally came with him “from across the pond”. On a whim, I went down to The Mad Dog, a while back, brought my hand drum along, and asked if I could partake in the jam he was hosting there that night. Well, I did sit in and have been playing with John ever since whenever time and opportunity presents itself. Now, John has become a good friend of mine who I really look forward to being in the company of. He’s just one nice guy. You should find your way to one of his gigs or jams and you’ll see what I mean. I think you’ll have a really good time. In fact, I guarantee you will”

“Speaking of newcomers, I heard that a British fellow by the name of John Hasnip was playing tunes by the Beatles, Elvis Costello and other British bands in Hallowell. Since I always loved the Beatles and I have a fondness for Great Britain, I decided to check it out. .He moved to Augusta - of all places - after meeting and marrying a lady who teaches school here. He said the geography of central Maine reminds him of England. He’s from a city called Yeovil, which is not too far from Bath, England, and is a beautiful part of that country. He grew up listening to the Beatles, he said, and had a band called Blue Jay Way, which was also the name of a song written by George Harrison. Blue Jay Way performed all original tunes and even had the chance to perform at the Cavern – the Beatles home venue – in Liverpool. Those of you who like listening to the Beatles and other British bands that you may like or want to find out about, might want to check out John Hasnip”

“John Hasnip Continues His Career at Hoxter’s on Friday, September 2nd Filed under Hallowell, Music, People no comments Time Friday, September 2 · 7:30pm – 10:30pm Location Hoxter’s Music Bar & Bistro Created By John Hasnip More Info So its Friday,the water’s have receded,the hurricane is a distant memory and its September !! Sounds to me like a damn fine reason to go to Hallowell and visit Hoxter’s where Louise and Susan will be keeping the drinks flowing and i shall be keeping the music coming !! A few cheeky beer’s interwoven with a wealth of song’s spanning 5 decades with chords ranging from 3 to an extravagant and over indulgent 4, you can be guaranteed a lively time, songs you can sing a long too, its what Friday’s were invented for !! So come on out to Hoxter’s,you, me a few beer’s, thats a party right there ! Hoxter’s 122 Water Street Hallowell, ME 04347-1313 (207) 629-5363”

“John Hasnip at The Mad Dog on Friday, August 5th Those lovely people down at the Mad Dog Pub have invited me along to play for you lovely chaps between the hours of 7PM – 10PM on Friday 5th of August. Be a jolly good sport and be on your best behaviour, enjoy some top notch tiffin, washed down with some quality beverages and loosen the old school tie as Hasnip plays the wonderful tunes from those oiks, the Beatles, Squeeze, Del Amitri, Green Day, Nick Lowe, Lynard Skynard not to mention that young upstart Elvis Costello ! So come along why don’t you, a splendid time is guaranteed for all,what what what…..and there you have it!”