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We are #Hashtag Comedy (and yes, we named ourselves that before a certain sycophantic late night host slapped four fingers together) and we like funny things.

With roots deep in improv comedy, we boast a diverse cast of characters who bring a unique blend of music, writing and showmanship to the stage. No two shows are alike, but they're always full of fun, surprises and potentially a very tall man in a banana costume.

Browse our site to learn more about us, book a show or workshop, or watch a video that may or may not be blocked by your work's firewall. Enjoy!

#Hashtag Comedy is a rag-tag bunch of improv comedians putting on improv and variety shows in Central Ohio. Each show is unique, like a beautiful comedy snowflake, or some other appropriate metaphor.

We believe two things:

1.) That bringing comedy to our community is an important part of spreading joy, laughter and passion to the city we love and,

2.) That improv is an art form that is greatly enhanced when combined with other art forms and artists also working to make a difference in our city...

...which is why it's just as likely to catch a show where we collaborate with local hip hop artists as it is to catch a show that features a sixteen year old Rubik's Cube genius solving one of those plastic enigmas...one handed...in less than 20 seconds.

If you leave a show happy and with more laughs in your pocket than with what you came, we've done our job.

Our main home is at Shadowbox Live, though we also perform all over Columbus and throughout Central Ohio. Check out our upcoming shows, book us for your gig, or find out how improv can help your business.

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