Harvey Brown / Press

"Man, Harvey Brown. This band’s gotten damn good. Grooviest I’ve seen from ‘em. The lineup had changed, and this was their first show with one emcee instead of two. One of my favorite things about the band’s sound had been the tight dual vocals, but the four musicians on stage this night stepped up and made something happen. The single vocals wound up great, as did the my-planet’s-radder-than-yours guitar, but I really have to credit the rhythm section for finding their style. The new three-song CD-R is promising, too. Right on, HB."

“Looking forward to seeing a whole set from them, though I wouldn't mind if they left that cat-pee stankin' rug at home next time.”

“Drawing a very diverse and quite a large crowd, it was clear that Harvey Brown's following was a dedicated group of fans.”

“Great to have some time to enjoy the style and projection of Harvey Brown! Great lyrics and a very tight sound that everyone enjoyed.”

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