Hartmut Hillmann Band / Press

"Great feel and tone..."

“Hartmut Hillmann is among Germany's most prolific six-string bass guitar players; he is also one of their finest. On his latest album Point of View, Hillmann's bass slithers and rattles like a caged serpent; in his hands the bass functions not just as an instrument but like a weapon of mass destruction, shooting off throbbing, floor-shaking grooves that unite the technical precision of jazz with the relentless rhythms of funk.”

"I´ve enjoyed listening to Your band´s recording. I think it´s really good and has some very interesting music on it!"

“”Hartmut Hillmann is a very talented individual. He will contribute a great deal to the world of music!" - Charlie Banacos(†), teaching guru and New England Conservatory Of Music, Boston”

"The vibes are the featured instrument on this odd-meter jazz-funk disc, but lurking beneath it all is bassist Hillmann, who rips it up six-string-style!" Scott Malandrone (on Zabriskie Point’s CD Vibrazone)