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Hartbeat (Hartmut Goetze)-Drummer,singer,songwriter and producer of original songs and lyrics.
That just about covers the skills I have honed and aquired through my musical journey. I.... like most young guys of my generation, had a vast aray of musical artists and groups that I grew up with. And quite a few of the various bands etc. that I listened too, had a large influence on what kind of a drummer & vocalist I became. I was never one to stiick to just one style of music. But rather keep an open mind to all styles & ideas. That also influenced were I went with my musical intrests through-out the years. I also gave most of my musical career as a team player, until later on, when I discovered I had the abilities to create and produce my own ideas. So Now I have reached the stage of my life where I am enjoying looking back at all the memories preserved on tapes. And thought it might be a good gesture to share those memories with any friends and fellow jammers that might be out there? As well as some of my own original ideas that I recorded for prosperity.....Hope you enjoy all the years of fun and good times through this collection?

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I will list the players with the songs and videos posted under lyrics
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Jam / Singer-Songwriter- Drummer - Producer / Experimental - Freestyle Jamming - Various styling

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New Westminster, BC, CA