Harry V singer songwriter / Press

“To "FLAT EARTH" Bless you dear. Told Mary ("Mary Calls") about you, how you started that page and everything that happened since. I keep asking God why I'm so blessed but all He ever does is Smile. Love you!”

"Rest And Sleep" is absolutely beautiful Harry - you have such an amazing gift for melody and your compassion shines through your voice, phrasing and playing so wonderfully. Have a great trip and visit tomorrow my friend.

“I love making new friends and hearing what other musicians have to express. MARY CALLS is lovely.”

“Your video "My Old Guitar" is wonderful with your beautiful guitar playing coming through so soft and sweet. I could listen to it all day and and beyond!!!!”

“You have such lovely and haunting melodies and incisive lyrics, Harry - I especially like "Mary Calls" and "Come June"!”

"Rest & Sleep" another beautiful piece from the best songwriter I've EVER come across! You truly amaze me sometimes...

“Love being back with these fantastic songs again my friend..really diggin that bluesy vocal vibe and amazing playing on the "red2" track...great way to spend my Friday!!”

“NIKO: october 17 2013 Harry is a special and rare being. His music really touches me and has soul and depth and meaning in a world that too often is untouchable and filled with soulless surface nonsense. Listening to Harry's music is like walking through a thick fragrant forest, makes me feel close to God and connected deep inside to what really matters. I love you Harry.”

Niko - Niko comments

“Hello Harry, I am sorry I took so long to reply, I understand your feelings and they show in your music... I am a man of little words, so if you don't take it as on offense, I would like to answer you by quoting something I post here sometimes but says it all... "When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have." ... and that's what your music makes me feel. Have a great day Harry my friend.”

“In 2013 may you succeed in your every endeavor, be granted excellent health, and be blessed with the love of family and friends. Happy New Year!!”

“If It Die says more lyrically to me than any notes Harry... Sending you my heartfelt warmth, Andrew”

"Come June" - being thoroughly enjoyed... amazing songwriting and performance.


“Harry, absolutely wonderful material here as i sit spellbound with any language you decide to write in. The songs are superb and i will be back often. ”

“You bring me in the pines (where the sun never shines)”

Vrouw Die Drinkt - classy comment

“Closeup is a song I will come back to for as long as I live!”

Vrouw Die Drinkt - fan

"classy sound you have! accomplished vocals and guitar work big time. respect from chicago. g"

“Thanks for your thought provoking & inspiring lyrics Harry ~ So much to read between the lines...;-)) Andrew Dec 12”

Andrew Austin - fan

"genius, fabulous, fantastic, excellent and very entertaining, WOW nice execution .. great work !!!" Dani Mkd in GOODWILL

Dani Mkd - fan

“Harry , You are one of my favorite artists and a great musician , great person and genuine talent :) Metal Forever ! Dec 9”

Chris Baran - buddy

“This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting my first Reverbnation Friend ever. Niko @ http://www.reverbnation.com/nikoonline. In 2009 I received a mail that would change my life. It was Niko sending me 20 songs fro free. Then I was only on Myspace and trying to sell music on iTunes, we all know how hard that is. The idea of free songs appealed to me, as I know it appeals to many of too. Thanks Niko and Anna, your visit to my place here in Maastricht NL has made it all so much more real, it was wonderful! God bless the both of you ♥♥ Bless you all my Friends for finding me here, it's so great to have you in my life. Last but not least: BLESS REVERBNATION for making this all possible. We love you!”

“Have a lot of catching up to do here, more than 30 new friends this week, and you are all worthy of my attention. Listening has to happen in real time and listening to you time flies...Thank you all for finding me here!”

Harry V singer songwriter - Time Flies.

“Cast your bread on the water! This was my intention when I came here. Just to put my music here and set it adrift like a little paper boat... And then I met all of you WONDERFUL PEOPLE! Nobody told you, but you came. I marvel at that every day. I love Reverbnation and U MY REVERBNATION FRIENDS. BLESS YOU 1&ALL.”

Harry V singer songwriter - Cast Your Bread On The Water.